A New Star in the Nation’s Capital

According to most scholars, lightning never strikes in the same place twice. Contrary to this belief, lightning has struck again in the MLS as Wayne Rooney decided to follow Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the land of the free.

Rooney signed a 2.5 year, 13 million dollar deal with D.C United. This signing has been labeled the biggest deal in D.C United history, making Wayne Rooney the only player on the team earning over one million dollars this year.

Many people questioned why Rooney would come all the way from England to play in Washington D.C. The answer lies in the history of the Washington club. D.C United is the winningest team in MLS history: 13 international and domestic titles, and four MLS Cups.

As moving as that story sounds to D.C natives and United supporters, the real reason Rooney came to D.C was that he was offered more money than he would have made in England, and D.C United just debuted its new boujee 500 million dollar stadium: Audi Field.

While some are saying Rooney is washed up and his career long over, I believe he will have plenty of success here in the US. Currently, D.C United sits 27 points behind Atlanta United; the first place in the Eastern Conference. This sounds insurmountable; but due to the fact that Audi Field was under construction for the beginning of the season, D.C United has played at least three fewer games than every team in its conference.

With the addition of the 2nd leading goal scorer in English Premier League history, and the additional games D.C United has to play, I see this team turning around their season very quickly and making a playoff run. They won their first game with Rooney 3-0 against the Vancouver Whitecaps, and are looking to string together a couple of wins before August.

We saw the true spirit of D.C sports fans during the Capitals Stanley Cup run. Things seem to be going in the right direction for the nation’s capital, and this D.C United team is going to be very intriguing for the rest of the season.

The Wayne Train has arrived in D.C and I suggest all of you hop on before it leaves. Rooney is projected to make his first start for D.C against first-place Atlanta United.



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