2018 Finals: Can One Man Bring Down a Dynasty?

The short answer is no. One man can not bring down a dynasty. At least not this dynasty, the Golden State Warriors are just too good. They have two MVPs, the ultimate 3 and D guard, a former defensive player of the year, a deep bench, and great coach.

First, you have to deal with the “Durantula,” Kevin Durant. While KD may in fact be a snake and ruined the NBA, he is still 6’10, has a knockdown jumper, can score in every possible way, plays lockdown defense, and is the second best player in the NBA.

If you can somehow stop that, you then have to deal with 2x MVP and best shooter of all time, Steph Curry. If you get lucky, and both Steph and KD are off their game, Klay Thompson always seems to get going, and the Swiss Army knife Draymond Green brings everything together.

This Warriors team has way too much fire power for any team to stop yet alone just one human being with minimal help. But here’s the thing, Lebron James is not a human being, and people are finally beginning to catch on to that.

After Lebron’s incredible game 7 performance, where he played all 48 minutes, scored 35 points, grabbed 15 boards, and dropped 9 dimes against the Boston Celtics, Cavs center Tristan Thompson said “Machines don’t get tired. They just get an oil change.” Guard Kyle Korver said earlier in the playoffs that Lebron is “made of metal.” After a couple quarters of Montgomery County rec basketball, I’m winded. This man played 48 minutes in a game 7 in the eastern conference finals after averaging 41.3 minutes in 18 games. At 33 years old.

Hot take: Lebron is an escaped Westworld robot (the new season has been so complicated I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed the Lebron scenes). It’s the only explanation to what’s going on. Lebron is about to play in his 8th straight finals. Think about that for a second, 8 straight. That’s incredible. The physical and mental toughness needed to do that is unfathomable.

For the last 8 years Lebron has played into mid June without getting hurt or showing any sign of slowing down physically (possible Alex Jones’ anti-aging cream? (is that a PED?)). He also plays every game under a microscope, with every move he makes recorded and dissected by the world. One bad game and the media jumps on him, no matter how well he plays.

The 2018 playoffs may be the best version of Lebron we have seen, he’s averaging an absurd 34 points, 9.2 rebounds, and 8.8 assists per game while shooting 54.4% from the field and 34.4% from 3. He’s led the cavs to 2 game 7 victories, including one in Boston (Wizards fans know how hard it is to win a game 7 in Boston). He lead the Cavs almost single handedly to sweep the top seeded Toronto Raptors, hit two buzzer beaters this playoffs, and remains the clutchest player I have ever witnessed, and yes I grew up watching Kobe.

While it’s unlikely even with Lebron’s greatness, he can pull this rag tag team to beat the Warriors four times in seven games. It wouldn’t be the first time Lebron James has pulled off the impossible.

On August 2nd, 2016 Lebron stated “My motivation is this ghost I’m chasing, The ghost played in Chicago.” Has he reached the ghost of Jordan? I think so, beat the Warriors and even the the strongest Jordan supporters will to.

For right now though, we’re all witnesses.



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