2018 NBA Finals Preview

It looked like it was finally about to happen. We’ve waited years to see what seemed impossible to finally come true. The world was about to witness an underdog story like no other, a story of legends that would be told throughout the centuries… Then Lebron and KD decided to shit all over everyone’s hopes and dreams by winning their respective game 7’s and now the Cavaliers and Warriors are gonna meet for the fourth consecutive year in the NBA Finals.

Just when we thought that Lebron finally had a team that couldn’t propel him to the finals, and the Warriors had a western conference foe in the Rockets, who could potentially out-shoot them. They once again proved us wrong. Now we have the pleasure of watching the same two teams in the NBA Finals, AGAIN.

As annoying as it is though, it will be interesting to see if Lebron can overcome the Warriors, with what is probably the least talented team he’s ever played with (Anderson Varejao and Sasha Pavlovic may have something to say about that).

The most disappointing thing in this year’s version of the NBA Finals may be all of the horrible Wizards players that are going to get to play in the finals this year. It’s no mystery that the Cavs have had a few roster changes this year, but both teams are bringing enough goons to make this feel like a hockey game.

Anyhow, it’s time to get into the meat and potatoes of this post: who will win the NBA Finals? Obviously, the Warriors. This team simply has a myriad of talent that cannot be matched by Lebron’s cast of old dispensables. The Cavs second best player Kevin Love posted a +/- of -20 in the playoff series against the Celtics before injury.

Meanwhile on the other side of the ball, the Warriors of course are just about as stacked as ever. They didn’t quite have the playoff dominance that they did last year, but all of their superstar players are still all in their respective primes. The Andre Iguodala injury has definitely hurt them, but certainly not enough to lose more than one game against the lowly Cavaliers.

This series will be over about as quickly as RGIII’s career.

– Greg, Jake


Warriors 4, Cavaliers 1 – Greg

Warriors 4, Cavaliers 1 – Mason

Warriors 4, Cavaliers 2 – Jake

Warriors 4, Cavaliers 2 – Sean

Warriors 4, Cavaliers 1 – Kieran


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