4 Possible Free Agency Destinations for King James

No one thought it would come to this point after LeBron returned to Cleveland, but thanks to Kyrie’s departure and JR “Henny” Smith, we have another LeBron free agency this summer.

In the midst of the era of super teams, James comes into free agency after being humiliated in this year’s Finals and with the possibility of becoming a unrestricted free agent if he opts out of his player option with the Cavs. For James, many options are on the table for him to consider. He could not opt out of his contract to stay in Cleveland, not opt out of his contract but request a trade, or what seems more likely, opt out and become a free agent.

With that being said and the possible outcomes of this LeBron free agency, here are the four more probable teams that could land King James this summer.


The Cavs have one of the best chances to land James as they already have him on contract, but don’t be surprised to see James dash out of Cleveland. As the whole world saw in the Finals, the Cavs offer little to no help for James to win another championship which puts them at a disadvantage. An 8th overall pick will barely attract LeBron but if the Cavs can promise to bring in new players, James might just have to stay.

Another aspect that Cleveland hopes James keeps in mind is the effect on his legacy if he leaves. After already being criticized for going to Miami, James will have to decide if leaving Cleveland is worth the tarnish on his legacy. Haters could easily use his decision this summer in the Jordan vs. LeBron debate to show how Jordan never had to leave his team twice. With that in mind, James could easily stay in Cleveland and help rebuild their damaged roster.


What’s not to love about Hollywood? Los Angeles brings bright lights, bright futures in their young players, and the comfort of having Lavar Ball behind you all the time. Mind the 35 win season, the Lakers are a strong contender to land James and were actually recently named the favorites to sign him at 7/4.

Lonzo, Kuzma, Randle, and Brandon Ingram all bring a lot of youth for James, but also have a potential to become stars with James and win a championship. LA is also one of the frontrunners to sign Paul George this offseason with the cap space to possibly get another star with LeBron like Kawhi Leonard. What’s also interesting is that James’s family already lives in Los Angeles and his oldest son is reportedly playing ball at Sierra Canyon, which is a school in LA.


Probably the scariest possibility, Houston gives James the chance to form a superteam so dangerous that it could sweep the Warriors. Just listen to the starting lineup if LeBron decides to pack his bags and come to the Rockets. CP3, Harden, Ariza, Capela, and King James. Don’t forget one of the best benches in the NBA that could assure a nasty lineup on the floor for all 48 minutes.

If James isn’t worried about his legacy and strictly wants to win, the Rockets are one of the best options for the King. Keep in mind the atmosphere of the city, and the strong fanbase that Houston has to offer with celebrities like J.J Watt and Travis Scott (drop Astroworld Travis).


Philly is also a frontrunner to land James as they have talented young players with the possibility of becoming a superteam. Teaming up with Simmons, Fultz, and Embiid could lead to multiple consecutive final appearances in an already weak eastern conference. Add the 10th overall pick in this year’s draft, the Sixers could pose a scary lineup that can challenge the Warriors.

Other than blossoming into a successful sports city, Philly mainly offers their young talent for LeBron to build upon and win championships with. I don’t know about you, but I can already hear Bryan Colangelo’s fingers typing on his Twitter, @lebronhater5584.


Staff Predictions:

Mateo- Lakers

Mason- 76ers

Jackson- Magic (As a father of three, he’d love Disney World)


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