A Celebration 44 Years in the Making

This is an article I’ve dreamed about writing, but never truly believed I’d be able to. And even still, as I’m trying to find words to describe the single most incredible moment of my life to date, I’m in shock.

The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup. D.C has finally won a championship. And we all got to witness history. And boy did that moment live up to the hype. Seeing Ovie lift the cup up was something out of a dream, and all of D.C has been on Cloud 9 ever since.

Although we all would have loved to see the Caps win it in D.C, could there have been a better city for the team to celebrate winning the cup in other than Las Vegas? The celebration started with Ovie parading the cup around the ice for some of the happiest few minutes of his life.

However, Burakovsky and the rest of the Caps team seemed to be distracted by a girl flashing the whole team. It lead to some incredible photos, and was the beginning of this wild celebration.

The party doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, and I honestly don’t think Ovie will ever be willing to put this cup down. The Caps are definitely going with the logic that you can’t get hungover if you don’t stop drinking.

The team was popping champagne and pounding beers in the locker room after the game while belting “We Are The Champions.” The celebration only paused for the team to make their way to the clubs where, of course, Ovie still had the cup in his hands.

The team somehow, and someway, survived the Vegas celebration only to come home to pound even more beers at the Nationals game. After seeing Ovechkin’s first pitch soar over Scherzer’s head, it really made me wonder what was higher: the height of the ball or Ovie’s BAC.

Reportedly, the Caps were supposed to leave after the Ovie’s first pitch. Did they? No. They stayed and proceeded to crush beers like there were a high schooler visiting college for the first time.

Tom Wilson was asked how he was feeling, but in lieu of an answer he promptly chugged the rest of his Bud Light while ignoring the question just to sing “We Are The Champions” one more time.

After the Nats game, the Caps binge drinking continued as Ovechkin stays living his best life by doing a keg stand out of the Stanley Cup before going for a quick “swim” in the Georgetown Waterfront fountain. I’d honestly be surprised if anyone on the Caps is sober by training camp.

Tuesday’s parade is going to be absolutely wild. Will anyone remember it? No, probably not. But as the Great 8 said, “Get some beers. Get some whatever and start celebrating!”



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