A Finals of Fools : JR Smith

The legend of JR Smith continues to grow. In a finals that has players like Swagg P, Javale Mcgee, and JR Smith, we knew going into this series that there would be some questionable plays here and there.

Although the blunders I thought were more likely to see would be Javale McGee trying to dunk from the free throw line, or the Nick Young signature air balled finger roll.

However, no one expected a blunder quite like this. It was obvious JR had been sipping on some Hennessy tastefully paired with a blunt at half. Does that outmatch Gilbert Arenas’ halftime shower tradition? Maybe.

Nevertheless, playing basketball high is all fun and games until you forget the score with four seconds left in the NBA finals.

JR riding his high and slight buzz from his halftime sesh, soared in for a clutch board and ran

to the three point line to run the clock out. One could only imagine what was going through his mind.

He definitely thought he just won the game for the Cavs and was probably dreaming about all the Twitter dms he will have after the game from girls who as JR eloquently puts it are “tryna get the pipe.” A true poet.

Instead, he got to look up to see LeBron’s face, and realize they were tied. What a demoralizing moment when all those girls’ dms who were tryna get the pipe disappeared, and all there was left was a LeBron death stare piercing his soul. Poor LeBron.

In JR’s defense, he isn’t here to know the score of the game. All JR is here for is to jack up contested iso threes, and go 3/10 from the field. Strategic decisions are not JR’s forte.

What a true American hero. I sure am excited to see what he has in store as an encore for game two.



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