Alexander the Great

Alexander Ovechkin now finds himself in the midst of a playoff run that has been 13 years in the making. After too many heartbreaks, Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals are one win away from a Stanley Cup Championship. In a world filled with shortcuts, super teams, and star players that show zero loyalty, how can one not root for Alex Ovechkin? He’s as loyal as it gets, has been the best goal scorer for his whole career, and is passionate as hell. He just wants to win so damn bad.

His passion is coming out more than ever in this playoff run. He has scored 14 goals already in these playoffs, which ties a franchise record. And it’s not just the amount of goals either, it’s how and when he’s been scoring these goals, plus all of his timely assists. Ovechkin played a hand in three different game winning goals against the Penguins, including an assist to Kuzy for the series winning overtime goal in game 6 against Pittsburgh. He scored 62 seconds into game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals against Tampa Bay; a game which Ovie himself said was the biggest of his career.

Ovechkin has also scored two big goals in this Stanley Cup series. Both goals gave the Capitals the lead, including one dirty goal where it was obvious that he just wanted it more than everyone else. He’s put his body on the line over and over again, whether it be dishing out a big hit or blocking a slap shot from the point. During this playoff run Ovechkin has been a true leader in every sense of the word

DC is Ovechkin’s city, as it has been ever since he inked his 13 year 124 million dollar contract back in 2008. He forged DC into a hockey town. He’s stayed committed to winning DC a championship his whole career, no matter how many times we lost a heartbreaking playoff game that we could’ve won, or failed to beat the Penguins in the second round. He kept fighting and pushing for this city. He showed up and played his absolute heart out year in and year out and we fell for him. We fell for the energetic, childish, Mamma Lucia loving, goal scoring machine that is Alex Ovechkin.

Now, after 13 years, over a 1,000 games played, 600+ goals, and 3 MVPs, Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals are just one win away from finally winning the Stanley Cup. I know Ovechkin will come out firing Thursday night, because he has waited his whole career for this. Go get your cup Ovie, god knows you deserve it.



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