ARW’s Debut Track, Watch Me

With unparalleled confidence and spunk, the infamous Bethesda native Amanda Rome West has blessed us with her first tasteful ballad: Watch Me.

ARW first announced her entrance into the rap game on Instagram with a username change, from @amandaromewestofficial to @TJB (Thug Jewish B*tch). She reached a personal milestone when she artfully tattooed “TJB” on her forehead, only then to be forcibly removed by her mom.

With the opening line,”B*tch,” ARW seemingly gives her listeners a safety warning for the experience that is listening to this song. After hearing that opening line, the doors have shut and there is no turning back. Brace your eardrums.

In around 99% of the lyrics, ARW chants “Watch me,” as if the song is based off of a scratched record that keeps skipping over the good stuff.

ARW presents her newfound love for cars, frequently discussing her use of Mercedes’ and Maseratis. In one of the more exciting parts of the song, ARW first claims she is in a “used Benz,” but then catches her audience off-guard by then exclaiming: “Nah b*tch, new Benz.” How silly of us to think that ARW would drive a used Benz.

With her most personal bar, ARW mentions her sexual relationship backstage with Lil Pump, one-upping herself by later stating “Nah b*itch [sexual relations happened on the stage].” She once again proves that ARW will never confine herself to the sanctuary of privacy.

The background beat bumps and is the least of the listener’s concern whilst listening to the track. At least until you realize that 90% of the background noise is screeching tires and Ms. Rome West’s heavy breathing.

Eerily, Watch Me ends with an even bigger tire screech and the sound of a car crash, with the track slowly dying off. Let’s not hope this is some grand metaphor of ARW’s public persona. Maybe the new benz was an old benz the whole time.

For now, let’s just hope that Lil Tay knock-off, Amanda Rome West, understands that music (and anything relating to the culture) is not her forte.




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