Bringing the Payne

It is a hell of a time to be a fan of the Washington Redskins and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Well, it’s kinda always a good time to be an Alabama fan considering that, you know, we seem to be the best team in college football year in and year out and it doesn’t look like its gonna stop anytime soon.

Usually, it isn’t fun being a Redskins fan since, you know, our owner has the competency of JR Smith at the end of a finals game. The only person less qualified than him to run a pro football team is Team President Bruce Allen.

However, it is hard to be unhappy with the team’s past two first round draft selections, both stellar defensive linemen from THE University of Alabama with the selections of Jonathan Allen last year and the big boy Da’ron Payne with this years pick. After a stellar year at Alabama where he won a national championship and ended with first team All-SEC honors, I expect Payne to be a huge contributor for the Redskins in his first year. With his former teammate next to him in the trenches, it could be a nightmare trying to stop these two as they set out to wreak havoc on NFC East offensive lines.

To say D’aron Payne is a beast would be an understatement. This dude is a legit monster. At Alabama spring workouts he bench pressed 545 pounds. That’s the equivalent of two Dwight Howard’s, three Cole Beasley’s, or five and ⅖ Snooki’s.

The first time I ever watched him play was in last year’s national championship against Clemson. There was one play where he exploded off the ball and rocked this poor Clemson lineman all the way back to South Carolina. If I were that lineman I may have just quit the sport right there in the middle of the game. What Da’ron Payne did to that man would get you life in prison in some countries.

When I started attending Alabama and watched their games regularly, it was clear Payne was one of the best players on that defense if not the best. He would absolutely crush the soul out of opposing players while also displaying incredible athleticism, such as his touchdown against Clemson. I definitely expect him to play a big role in the Redskins defense this upcoming season.

In the sixth round the Skins drafted yet another Bama boy in linebacker Shaun Dion Hamilton. While injuries definitely put a damper on his time in T-town, he was a very talented player when he saw the field and was even voted team captain before the season. We don’t know how things will turn out for the Redskins this year, but it’s hard to not like the idea of adding some big, gritty, Saban-coached ballers to head the defense.



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