Clout on and off the Court: Top 5 NBA Rappers

Move over Dancing with the Stars. Multiple NBA players are now hitting the studio and spitting fire in their freetime.

Some players are rapping for fun, rapping seriously, or rapping to handle beef between teammates. This is a direct message to Lonzo Ball. You. Are. Not. Pusha T.

Posting songs on Soundcloud, albums on Spotify, and even freestyling on talk shows, these ballers aren’t the first generation of NBA players we have seen rapping. Famous past basketball rappers include Shaq, Kobe, Allen Iverson, and Metta World Peace.

With all these NBA players thinking they got bars like high school Soundcloud rappers (like myself), I ranked the top five current rappers in the league.

Sorry to inform, but you will sadly not see Tony Parker and his french hip-hop on this list. And yes, Tony Parker has a french hip hop album. I’m not even joking.

5. Andre Drummond ( Drummxnd or Dre Drumm )

The big man from Detroit has got big talent. Drummond has got some lyrical fire under his gigantic seven foot frame where he gives off a west coast type of vibe that bumps hard. He first appeared on the rap stage when he had a feature on Detroit rapper Nate Nixon’s song: “First 59 Pt. 27.”

After people figured out Drummond could rap, he wrote on Twitter that it was just for fun and he is only focusing on basketball 100%. As we have seen from his Soundcloud and free throw percentage, Drummond has succumbed to the NBA rap culture.

Drummond has only been rapping for a short time now — still longer than relationship with Sam from ICarly — but he’s shown that he is one of the more underrated and premier rappers in the NBA.

4. Lou Williams ( LouWill )

Sweet Lou brings some real fire in the stu. With various tracks that bop, LouWill cooks up more heat than Guy Fieri in a hot dog stand.

Williams recently dropped his debut project with 13 songs titled “T.A.T.N.W” where he shows he’s not afraid to pack a lot of energy in his songs. With a variety of flows, LouWill has released various singles as well as a feature on a Meek Mill song, and even has a Drake song dedicated to him titled “6 God.”

Other than being wet from three, LouWill has been dripping in the booth and keeping his rep as a top notch rapper. Many rappers like to talk about having a chip on there shoulder, but no one tops Sweet Lou with all of the Clippers on his back.

3. Iman Shumpert ( Iman )

Have you heard this man’s freestyle on Flex? Bars more real and nasty than the blacktop cheese in Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Going by “Iman,” Shumpert’s rapping leaves people thinking if basketball is his second talent. He raps in an impressively strong flow for most of all his songs including his freestyles. What also makes Shumpert one of the best NBA rappers is that his lyricism provokes a unique sense of genuinity, and talks mostly about his life and the struggles he’s had.

Iman has also recently dropped a mixtape titled “Shumpman:MD” while he was on the Cavs, which makes sense as he had a ton of free time with LeBron doing most of the team’s work.

Although his NBA career is on the decline, look out for more music coming from Iman. But seriously though, LISTEN to his freestyle on Flex.

2. Lonzo Ball ( Zo )

Love him or hate him, Zo has got mad flow. Hearing his music, anyone can notice he spends more time recording than working on his jumper.

In all seriousness, Lonzo Ball has proven to be a great rapper with similarities to ASAP Rocky. Although only a rookie, he’s already dropped several singles and a debut album titled “Born 2 Ball.” Zo raps mostly about his family’s brand, Big Baller Brand (BBB), and their success in the business. He’s had his own brother, LiAngelo Ball, feature on one of his tracks, and also has song dedicated to his other brother, LaMelo Ball, and his own shoes (how touching).

Like Iman, keep an eye on Zo for new music on the way as he tries not to worry about how he’s not getting the ball nearly as much with Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and possibly LeBron coming to L.A. Hey, if Lavar thinks King James is going to L.A., then he’s going to L.A.

1. Damian Lillard ( Dame D.O.L.L.A )

Like Dwayne Wade tweeted, “This dude right here is a problem on and off the court.” Or even what LeBron James said, “The boy is in the bag.”

Lillard is hands down the best rapper in the NBA no question. His lyrics are very positive and talk about himself with many bars about him being underrated, but Lillard delivers these lines incredibly powerfully and confident. He’s got a wicked flow as well and has even earned the respect of Lil Wayne who has appeared in several of Lillard’s songs.

He’s already released two albums at the age of 27 titled “The Letter O” and “Confirmed” with features from Wayne and Jamie Foxx (who apparently still raps). Along with multiple singles, Dame D.O.L.L.A is killing the rap game and the basketball court as he made the All-NBA 1st team this year for the first time in his career.

Who knows where Lillard’s talents will take him? A gold artist? Platinum? A grammy? An actually good playoff team? Nonetheless, Lillard’s already a star and has got an even brighter future ahead of him. But for real though, did you hear that Iman Shumpert freestyle on Flex???



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