Derby 2k18: Harper Dropping Nukes on the Nation’s Capital

The Homer Run Derby is tonight and, personally, I cannot wait to see which player ruins their swing. The Derby is is one of my favorite All-Star events held in any sport. It reminds you how insanely good these players are at what they do. Watching Giancarlo Stanton effortlessly hit lasers 500 feet is truly a spectacle to be seen. However, in this years Derby there is a lot of new blood. While there isn’t an Aaron Judge who will blow out the competition in this field, this year is just as intriguing because there’s good a mix hitters: flair with Javy Baez and Bryce, technique with Bregman and Freeman, and flat out power with Aguilar, Muncy, and Schwarber. There is also no clear cut favorite heading into it. Here’s how I see the night playing out.


No.1 Jesus Aguilar vs No. 8 Rhys Hoskins

Winner: Jesus Aguilar

No.2 Bryce Harper vs No.7 Freddie Freeman

Winner: Bryce Harper

No.3 Max Muncy vs No.6 Javier Baez

Winner: Javier Baez

No.4 Alex Bregman vs No.5 Kyle Schwarber

Winner: Kyle Schwarber


No. 1 Jesus Aguilar vs No. 5 Kyle Schwarber

Winner: Kyle Schwarber

No. 2 Bryce Harper vs No. 6 Javier Baez

Winner: Bryce Harper


No.2 Bryce Harper vs No.5 Kyle Schwarber

Winner: Bryce Harper

The good news for Bryce Harper is that you don’t have to hit against a shift in the Derby. The down year for Bryce has been well documented and he has been looking for a spark to turn his year around and remind everyone why he wants a 400 million dollar contract. Winning the Home Run Derby would be a good start. I see Bryce going out and putting on a show in his home team’s city (well at least his home city for now until he inevitably ends up in pinstripes) and winning the Derby in a entertaining final against Schwarber.



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