Earned, Not Given: LeBron James’ I Promise School

Earlier this year Laura Ingraham of Fox News responded, “Shut up and dribble,” to LeBron James and Kevin Durant after they made negative comments regarding President Trump on an ESPN podcast.

Of course, James answered by opening his I Promise Public school in his hometown Akron, Ohio.

As James can attest, Akron is no easy place to grow up. The King’s hometown has a high crime rate, and is a low-income area with limited opportunities for high school graduates and their parents. These factors contribute to Akron’s public schools falling further and further behind the rest of the nations K-12 students.

In order to get around the difficulties of growing up in such a rough area, LeBron’s I Promise school offers many assuring benefits to students who enroll.

These guaranteed advantages include:

  • A focus on accelerated learning
  • Job placement assistance for parents
  • An on-site food bank
  • Support for students who suffer stress from economic causes
  • Bikes for students to give them free transportation and incentive to get outside
  • For graduates, free college tuition for to the University of Akron

Along with the schools promises to help students in and out of the classroom, the school has a different approach to learning compared to most public schools. Instead of the regular six-hour school days that other public school students experience, the I Promise school will have extended school days that last from 9 AM to 5 PM.

The school also starts in July and ends in May. These extended school days will benefit parents who work long days and give students more time to learn and study in the safe school environment.

James’ new school is a 1st to 8th-grade academic institution with 240 second and third graders already enrolled. If the I Promise school is a success, don’t be surprised to see an I Promise high school soon.

To say the least, Akron’s future is bright, and it’s all thanks to the hometown hero LeBron James. James has proven Laura Ingraham and other proponents who think athletes should be no more than athletes wrong.

LeBron is a perfect role model not only for aspiring basketball players but to all athletes and all people around the world. The skill and character that James displays are valuable to the future of the NBA, and athletes as a whole.

LeBron has shown and will continue to prove that he is more than just an athlete. Might not be for a while but I wouldn’t doubt America could use a man like Bron in office.


– Cole Masse


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