Footy Shenanigans in Russia: 2018 World Cup Final Review

It’s a sad to say goodbye to the 2018 World Cup. We now have to sulk for another four

more years until the next one in Qatar. However, from filthy bangas to theatrical flopping, this year’s world cup proved to be a classic showcase of soccer shennagains and much more! Here are my takeaways from everyone’s favorite soccer tourney.

My Fan Favorites:

  1. Japan: I’ve never seen a team like Japan play with as much class and passion for the game. It seemed as if that these tireless players would do anything to win the cup. Unfortunately, their journey was cut short by Eden Hazard and the cheeky Belgians. P.S. They even cleaned up and left a goodbye, thank you note in the locker room to the Russians before they left. What nice guys!
  2. Senegal: Senegal had the best team celebrations. Just watch.

The Unknown Standouts:

  1. Benjamin Pavard (Defender, France): I had never heard of this 22 year old kid prior to the World Cup, but he established himself as a shut down defender stopping the likes of Messi, Lukaku, and Suarez. Not only that but this kid definitely scored the goal of the tournament. (FILTHY!)
  2. Jordan Pickford (Goalkeeper, England): Pickford was a superstar for England between the posts. Pickford kept England’s hopes alive in the penalty shootout against Colombia and kept Sweden off the board in the quarterfinals. Pickford’s passing ability is just phenomenal as well. This man can ping a 70 yard ball straight to Harry Kane like it’s nothing.
  3. Ante Rebic (Forward, Croatia): Ante Rebic was a menace up front for Croatia. Although Mario Mandzukic, Luka Modric, and Ivan Rakitic get most of the headlines as Croatia’s star players, Ante “The ANT” Rebic’s creative flair made him just as big of an importance for Croatia this tournament. And his standout performance has now started rumors of a possible transfer to Manchester United.

Lastly huge congratulations to France for winning it all! I think it was well deserved; they were by far the best team all tournament! And to everyone in my family, I TOLD YOU SO!


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