Four Take-Aways From the US Open

1. Brooks Koepka is a force to be reckoned with

The only thing bigger than Koepka’s biceps at Shinnecock this week was his confidence. After just a few holes into his miraculous Sunday round, it was clear that Koepka was the man to beat.

Koepka can now call himself a Two-Time Major Champion and a Back-to-Back US Open Champion. It’s crazy to believe that just four short years ago he was only on the European Tour.

Kopeka’s career is only going up from here, and if he can play Major Championship courses as well as he played Shinnecock, guys on tour will be scared to see his name on leaderboards for years to come.

2. Dustin Johnson is the best player in the world and rightfully so

After looking like he could run away with the tournament after a four shot lead on Friday evening, the weekend came at DJ like a brick. With a 77 on Saturday, DJ saw his title hopes slip away to one of his closest friends, a heartbreaking storyline that golf junkies are accustomed to by now.

Despite this disappointment, I think it’s clear that he’s still the best player in the world. If the man finished 3rd in the US Open, and that is considered a failure, that speaks a lot to his standing within the golf world.

He has two-wins on tour already and is due for another the way he’s been playing. I truly believe he’ll prove to the world that his 2016 US Open wasn’t just some fluke by winning another major sooner rather than later.

3. Something is very wrong with Jordan Spieth

Where to even begin with my man Jordan. After missing the cut for a fifth time this season, there’s legit reason to be concerned about the former World #1. Watching his 1st round Triple-Bogey on the 11th makes you wonder what’s behind these lackluster performances.

The main concern for Spieth right now has to be his putting. What used to be the backbone to his game, now couldn’t help him if his life depended on it.

Whether it’s more of a feel thing or more mechanical, he has his work cut out for him. Because if he doesn’t make some real changes to his game real fast, the Tour Championship will sneak up on him very quickly.

4. The USGA messed up big time… But also got it right

Saturday afternoon at the US Open was a disaster. There’s no argument there. The USGA could’ve made the greens a slip-and-slide, and balls would’ve stayed on the greens better.

The greens were the firmest and hardest playing they’ve been in a US Open in a long time, and that’s really saying something if you look back on some of these nightmare greens we’ve seen the last couple of years *COUGH COUGH CHAMBERS BAY*.

Amidst this course condition chaos, Brooks Koepka won this tournament seventeen strokes higher then he had a year prior at Erin Hills. In a field with the greatest players in the world, none of them managed to finish the tournament at even or below par.Personally, I think that stat alone is really cool and kudos (just this once) to the USGA for making our nation’s open one of the hardest test of golf in the world.



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