Journalism : Re-birthed

In a world full of fake news accusations and a divided communities, a group of young suburban men said “no more.” And thus, The Sideline Observer was crafted. To add a new perspective of college men to your feed is most likely a welcomed occurrence for our audience of about 13, including us.

We are not all experts in writing, sports, and the deteriorating industry of journalism, but we are fans. With enough clout in the D3 lacrosse and Maryland JV football scenes, we wanted something more. Full of hot takes and toxic masculinity, the hateful eight hit the web to satisfy their craving to share their content and love for all things sports and culture.

While our view count per article may never reach higher than eight, to build something and put true passion in it can be success in its own regard. Our parents may never even read one of our stories (maybe for the best), but to take the time to share what we got on some form is power move of an undertaking.

We hope you can read our stories, hear our podcasts, and watch our videos and what not. If you block us on all social media and hate on the 1st amendment, the more power to you.


Jasper Nation

The Hateful Eight

Mason , Jackson, Jake, Kieran, John, Cole, Greg, Sean,



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