May Madness : College Softball

With NBA and NHL Final games entertaining me night in, night out I find myself with no sports to watch during the day. While my colleague Mason and I sat around looking for something to watch earlier today, we stumbled onto the elevator music of sports: college softball.

Now I can’t call myself a big college softball guy, but I can say I’m a huge sports guy. Why not take a look?

I don’t know if you have ever taken a look at the bracket for Women’s College World Series, but it makes absolutely no sense. Seriously, the thing is a damn puzzle.

It turns out that this type of bracket is a double elimination tournament. It means that every team has a second chance where they will play other losers to stay inside the tournament (Gotta love the sportsmanship).

Most people are used to the single elimination system seen in March madness and wonder why the hell would women’s softball attempt this stunt.

Well it turns out that there is some upside to this double elimination tournament.

First off, it gives the better teams a second chance if they choke their first game. However, it defeats the intrigue of an upset. #RollGoldenRetrievers. Concept seems pretty soft, but hey, everyone is a winner!

For anyone who may wonder what the status of the Women’s College World Series is, there are eight teams left battling for the title. In the top bracket Oregon(1) beat Arizona St (8), and will advance to play against Washington, (5) who just beat Oklahoma (4). Oklahoma will now face Arizona St in the loser’s game and fight to stay inside the tournament. Whoever loses in the winners match (Oregon v Washington) will face the winner of the loser match. On the other side of the bracket, Florida (2) plays against Georgia (7) first while Florida St (6) plays UCLA(3).

Aka : It’s a clusterfuck.

Champion Prediction:

After watching the rowdy Washington team upset the Sooners today, I gotta say that I have Washington bringing home the trophy. Sooners coach Heather Tarr has just too much gusto these playoffs to let this one go.



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