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Everyone preaches for the downfall of fake news. But what is fake news, and what is the problem with it?

Is it biased ? Is it irrelevant or insubstantial? Or is it just outright false?

The whole concept of fake news has lead to the treacherous waters that is modern day media. Audiences are often deterred away from certain media outlets due to their perceived bias or agenda. .

Then there are sites like Barstool Sports. That praise themselves on being authentic and uncensored. Nonetheless, Barstool has many intelligent and thought-provoking writers that spark a unique message of social commentary and noteworthy satire of modern day sports journalism. Nevertheless, their troubling themes of misogyny and morality spark a cause for concern and attract an increasingly vocal American population : those who have utter disscontempt for empathy. They forget that there must be a balance between honesty and authenticity with affinity and rapport.

Whether tis DC sports, culture, or any other content we may put out, we hope to fulfill the gaping hole left by the current culture of big media and news. We aren’t looking to be the next Barstool, ESPN, Bleacher Report, Steve Harvey show, etc. Our goal is to provide entertaining and informative material that is authentic to our own voices and ideas.

The Sideline Observer was created to give a group of guys a medium to share what they are passionate about with their peers. The whole site is powered by a relentless enthusiasm for blogging. (We actually have to pay money just to keep the site running).

We have no idea how this site is going to look by the time we leave for school in the Fall but we are going to give The Sideline Observer all the gusto that we got.

I hope you can find significance in our content and our mission.

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