NBA: The Ultimate Shoe Hub

The NBA implemented a rule ahead of the 2018-19 season removing all bans on shoe type, color, and model. NBA players are free to wear any shoe on any night in any arena no matter the color scheme of their jersey; essentially, it is open season.

Sneakerheads, basketball fans, and players alike should be equally excited about this change. Viewers will now be exposed to the rarest of shoes and colorways, and these

messages will be brought to you, more often than not, by the feet of your city’s all-star. There is potential here for an entirely other game than basketball, a “who has the best shoe game.”

The removal of this fashion boundary will allow for reporters to discuss, compare, and contrast the foot apparel these athletes are repping, which only gives way to more people becoming “sneakerheads” and ultimately participating in the “sneakerhead” culture.

It’s a great rule change for the players wearing and buying these shoes. Most have called for this rule to be reevaluated, and now that it is entirely out the window, players like PJ Tucker and Luka Doncic have new custom pairs of sneakers for almost every game to showcase their entire arsenal on the court for all viewers to see. Custom shoes will skyrocket due to the lack of constraints and the fact that every NBA player wants to flex, and casual viewers will over time become enveloped in the crazy, wacky and the bold pieces of art on these player’s feet.

But it is not only the shoe supergiants like Nike and Adidas that will utilize this new canvas that is the NBA basketball court; don’t be alarmed to see designer basketball shoes hit the NBA floor – Supreme, Off-White, Burberry, and maybe, just maybe (if we’re lucky) Balenciaga. These ultra-proprietary, ultra-expensive shoes will change the landscape of footwear in the NBA, especially if these streetwear companies knock it out of the park.

Seeing all these NBA players flex this newfound crop of shoes will push the youngins who look up to NBA players to buy such shoes. The overall NBA landscape and shoe market are about to see a drastic change coming this year, and I cannot wait for what these players show us.

– Adam


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