Analyzing the 2018 ‘Skins Draft

Somewhere, Dan Snyder should be salivating with a lukewarm rum and coke in his hand and infomercials on the TV. This Redskins 2018 draft class is sweet with two t’s. As a fan that already witnessed the excitement of drafting RG3, Bacarri Rambo, and Josh LeRibeus, I thought I had seen it all.

Grit, speed, size, and football smarts is what this class is all about. Every redskins fan should be mobbin out to the first preseason game just to see Colt McCoy throw a check down to Jamison Crowder. I grew up my whole life going to Redskins’ preseason games. Never will forget when Rex Grossman (aka Rex you make me feel gross, man) got booed going on the the field to relieve RG3, and proceeded to go 8/8 with two TDs. Fedex Field was electric and Sexy Rexy was pulling out his Mark Brunell impersonation. However, here are some of the newly drafted hogs to look for this season.

Derrius Guice, RB, LSU

Comparison : Marshawn Lynch

You do not like football if you don’t like this pick. Labeled as an “off the field risk,” Guice fell down to the skins. I would be concerned if someone as famous as Guice at LSU wasn’t partying and having a wild personality at the house of Orgeron. Orgeron is the king of football guys and if he dug Guice, then Washington should be confident in their new back. Despite the questions about his personality off the field (scouts went as far to ask about his sexuality and potential prostitute mother), Guice has quickly become a fan favorite player. His glowing smile and multicolored dreads have Redskins fans pheromones acting up. He recently bought tickets for Redskins fans to watch the new Avengers movie with him. If anything, Guice has proven himself as a off field bonus so far since the draft with his well-intentioned and enthusiastic personality. Let’s hope his hard hitting ferocious style of play serves as a bonus on the field too.

Troy Apke, S, Penn State

Comparison : A poor man’s Earl Thomas

Apke is a pick for the fans. This man lead the combine with a 4.34 40 yard dash. He also was a leader in the vertical jump, broad jump, 3 cone drill, and 20 yard shuttle. While he is still relatively raw, struggles with some technique, and doesn’t have mind blowing game stats, with some time, Apke has a lot of upside and intrigue for the skins. His ridiculous speed and athleticism allows for him to have the range to cover the long ball and extend his reach in a deep zone scheme. He played every game of his senior year and even had a blocked kick. Apke could prove his value early on special teams and as a backup free safety. Given a couple years, Apke could be a household name for skins fans. Don’t sleep on speed.

Trey Quinn, WR, SMU

Comparison : Cooper Kupp

Trey Quinn’s SMU counterpart Courtland Sutton was drafted with the eighth pick of the second round, 40th pick overall. Quinn had 151 more yards than Sutton and was also the last pick in the draft. Quinn also had 46 more catches, one more TD, and 34 more passing yards (dual threat???). I am ecstatic about this pick. I have been following him for months prior to the draft after I heard that this gritty Mustang receiver was 6th in touchdowns, 10th in yards, and 1st in receptions, across the whole NCAA. Somewhere, Nick Williams is smiling. When its garbage time in week 13 and you see Quinn streak across for a scrappy 13 yard pickup that results in a skins TD, you know heard about ‘Pigskin Quinn’ here first.

Counting down the days til week one,

Mason & Greg


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