The Save Heard Around the World : Game 2 Recap

The Caps avenged their game one loss and evened it up in Vegas last night. It was another electric start to the game even before the puck had dropped with Vegas’ pregame show and performance by Imagine Dragons.

I have to say this is getting a bit old from Vegas. I mean, act like you guys have been here before. It’s not like you guys are an expansion franchise or anything. Controversial call to see Vegas make the line switch of Lil Jon to Imagine Dragons.

Lil Jon knows how to pump up a crowd with his inspiring lyrics with his ballad “Shots”: “If you’re not drunk ladies and gentlemen get ready to get fucked up lets do it.” How can that type of message not inspire thousands of drunk gambling Golden Knights Fans? It is practically a rally cry for Nevadan degenerates.

Then you go from that to Imagine Dragons. Whose last hit was “Radioactive,” that’s when you knew Vegas was in trouble folks. Imagine Dragons are best suited for background music in commercials, not hockey. Side note: did you guys see their drummer wearing those fucking glasses, absolutely wild.

Getting back to hockey, this was a game of runs for the Caps. After going down one in the first period the Caps began to seize the momentum putting up three unanswered goals. It was very ironic that when one of our best guys (Kuznetsov) goes down, our offense finds their spark.

The refs were unsuccessful at stealing the game from us as they did in game one. Vegas was flopping all over the place last night like they were playing in the MLS, and the refs fell for it. Stay woke folks. Don’t be surprised if we find out there was collusion between the refs and crooked Gary Bettman. #LockHimUp

MVP of this game without a doubt goes to Braden Holtby. From stonewalling the Knights on the 5 on 3 and making one of the best saves in playoff history, he is an absolute brick wall right now. Stop telling me about how good Fleury is, Holtby is the best goalie in the world and its not even close.

We now head back to home ice (that isn’t in shit condition like in Vegas) with a chance to push for the gentleman’s sweep.




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