Top 5 Athletes Who Play Fortnite

Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan, and Deion Sanders. Yeah sure these guys can dunk, score touchdowns, and hit home runs, but how many of these multi-sport athletes can eliminate tangos with a Scoped AR en route to a Victory Royale?

In the modern era of sports, there are many jocks who play Fortnite for more than just fun. Here’s our list of the top 5 professional athletes who play Fortnite: Battle Royale.

5. Andre Drummond

Sitting pretty at the number 5 spot is the 7-foot Pistons center, Dre Drummond. Unfortunately for Drummond, height is not a factor in Fortnite. In fact, it may serve as disadvantage according to Drummond’s own.evaluation of his skill level in a Twitch stream,

“The funny part about it is I really suck.”

Drummond was first introduced to Fortnite by fellow Pistons guard, Reggie Jackson. The pick and roll duo have yet to see much success on the battleground, but with plenty of practice, success is not far (except when talking about the Pistons playoff aspirations).

Drummond also admits to being “hooked” on the game, so there is a solid chance we will be seeing fewer dubs for the Pistons next year, no surprise.

Despite Drummond sucking, he really earned a spot for his love of the game. Remember, you don’t have to actually be good at something to do it.

4. Alex Ovechkin

Yes, the last Stanley Cup MVP is a very qualified Fortnite player. As seen in an Instagram video that went viral, Ovechkin secured a duo dub by making the final elimination with a blue assault rifle. The man doesn’t even need a purple scar.

Similar to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Ovechkin displayed pinpoint accuracy with grit and determination and earned extra points for wearing the Rust Lord skin. Clearly, he doesn’t mess around.

After achieving victory, Ovie gave an old Russian yell in celebration, similar to various noises he made throughout the week after winning the Stanley Cup. Not to mention the guy was wearing no shirt, a Jesus piece, and a gaming headset.

3. Gordon Hayward

After suffering a gnarly leg injury early in the NBA 2017-2018 season, Gordon Hayward had no other choice but to sit out. Hayward was quick to recover and wasted no time in working on his bolt action and three-point shot.

Hayward was first witnessed on twitch @Fbach_live stream. GTimeee (Hayward’s Fortnite Gamertag) is no joke on the keyboard and mouse. As seen in the recording, Hayward, with 3 eliminations already, quickly spotted and lasered his opponent from a whopping 109 meters with a hunting rifle. For all of you non-Fortniters, that’s no easy task. Without a scope, nailing a headshot on a moving target is no joke.

Gordon Hayward is one to be feared on and off the PC. A clip of him absolutely wrecking this kid is easily found online and, I must say, is chilling to the bone.

2. Karl-Anthony Towns

The 2015 first overall pick is more than just an NBA superstar. On Twitch he is @KarlTowns and streams Fortnite and PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds).

But wait, there’s more; Towns also admitted on a stream to playing Fortnite all night long while on the road to Indianapolis. Towns was accompanied by teammate Andrew Wiggins until 6am when they finally forced themselves to power down. Avid Fortnite players can easily relate to this problem.

Towns may dominate current NBA Fortnite players, but don’t sleep on upcoming rookies. The younger the player, the higher their Fortnite skill-level. Seriously, the last game you played probably ended with a pump to the face yielded by a 10-year-old on Xbox live.

1. Derrius Guice

As the Rookie running back prepares for his debut season, he has been streaming on twitch under the name @dhasickest. Although he is talented when it comes to Fortnite, coaches wouldn’t be happy with a rookie who is too distracted by video games.

Along with questionable off-field character rumors, things were not looking too good for Guice coming into the draft, but he has since redeemed himself through fan meet and greets, cancer fundraisers, and fun-loving Fortnite streams. He raised $21,000 for finding a cure for cancer in a stream hosted this past weekend, damn that’s nice.

Let’s hope that Guice is as good on the field as he is at Fortnite.

Honorable Mentions: Josh Hart, Reggie Jackson, Andrew Wiggins, Jason Smith (Twitch: Jasonstix, aka Jasonstinks), JuJu Smith-Schuster, Ben Simmons, and Steven Adams (only NBA player to make an appearance as a skin in Fortnite).



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