Washington Valor Defeat the Defending Champs

The Washington Valor mounted a ferocious comeback to capture their first dub of the season against the reigning champs the Philadelphia Soul. It has truly been a tumultuous year for the Valor. With a coaching change and more QB controversies than Ohio State, the Valor have hit their sophomore slump as a franchise.

But on Sunday it was different.

This game was a total shootout; a gunslinger’s wet dream. The Valor went into the second half down into 28 to 14 and playing with house money. They showed that mentality early in quarter three when wide receiver Josh Reese tied up the game at 28 scoring two touchdowns. From then on it was back and forth like a Balls of Fury match scene.

Towards the end of the 4th quarter, the Valor looked to have sealed the deal when they recovered Philadelphia’s onside kick up 49 to 48. But just three plays later they fumbled and looked like they were on the road to zero and eight.

But then with their backs against the wall, defensive back Fred Obi intercepted the ball on the four yard line. Man what a gritty and resilient group of guys the Valor are. 2019 arena bowl champs. You heard it heard first.

Side note: expect to see some Valor content coming up soon, we’re big arena football guys.



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