What is Ernie Grunfeld Doing?

I’ve now figured out why the Wizards always seem to trade their first-round picks. It’s because Ernie Grunfeld has absolutely no idea what he is doing.

Yes, it’s way too early to judge these draft picks, and if Troy Brown turns out to be a good player that would be awesome. However, going into this draft the Wizards biggest need by far was finding a big man or backup guard. Small forward is one of the few positions we have a viable starter and an adequate backup. So, unless Brown can transition into our backup two guard this pick seems useless. Classic Grunfeld with a confusing first round pick.

If I am John Wall I’m furious. At the end of last season, Wall said that the team needed to add an athletic big man during the offseason. Ernie had a chance to make his franchise player happy and address the biggest need on the team. Robert Williams was available yet we decided to add another wing player whose shot is still developing. I mean Troy Brown shot a disheartening 29% from three in college. There is no need for a two or three guard that shoots 29% from three in the modern NBA game.

Ernie had yet another chance to add a big in the second round as there was still some talent left. So did he address that need? No, he took a draft and stash Point Guard in Issuf Sannon, a player who I’ve literally never heard of. The Wizards are built as a team that should be in a win now mode, yet Ernie Grunfeld picked two players who, most likely, are not going to contribute for a few years.

Our centers are Marcin Gortat and Ian Mahinmi and we drafted another Small Forward, and a draft and stash Point Guard. Honestly, what else can you expect? I guess it’s time to look forward to free agency. Can’t wait to see what Ernie Grunfeld has up his sleeve! Maybe he’ll build on his past free agency splashes of Jodie Meeks and Ian Mahinmi.

Fire Grunfeld.

– Sean Hannegan


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