Why Bagley’s Ceiling May be Limited in a Physical NBA League

I’m not saying Marvin Bagley is going to become a bust, but I don’t see him making an All-Star game.

Don’t get me wrong, he was amazing in high school and at Duke, and is a position-less player with a lot of potential. He has showcased his uniquely talented inside game as well as his shooting and rebounding ability. The only problem is I don’t think he will be able to compete and prove himself better than the current set of elite big men in the NBA.

Bagley lacks the muscle of an All-Star big man. He also shot 62% from the free throw line and rarely contests shots with contact as he doesn’t use his body to his advantage. He has to learn how to get more physical on both ends of the floor, which starts with building more muscle and not shying away from contact.

These tiny flaws in his game won’t make him a bust; in fact I can see Bagley having a good (not great) career. Let me remind you though that like Jaren Jackson, Bagley is in the loaded Western Conference. To make things more clear on why Bagley will solely be known as a fantastic role player, making the All Star game in today’s Western Conference is harder than putting a penny on its side.

By the way, I have seen that nasty poster that Bagley had in his first summer league game. Honestly, that was insane. Why do I still think he needs more muscle and physicality? The dunk was on Lakers rookie Mo Wagner, who isn’t bad, but then again he’s Mo Wagner.

What also worries me a little is Bagley’s recent injury in summer league. If you haven’t heard, Bagley suffered a hip/groin injury in a game against the Suns that’s going to sideline him for the rest of summer league. It’s a small injury and he’ll be back very soon, but it’s no good sign to be injured that early in your NBA career.

Look at Lonzo Ball. His history of injuries in the NBA dates back to his calf injury in the summer league. Another reason why Bagley has got to work on conditioning not only for strength improvement, but to prevent injuries as well.

The physicality in the NBA is a lot different than in college, so for the Arizona native to become a star player in the league, he’s got to train hard. Kevin Durant warranted similar concerns coming out of college, but Bagley is not the same player as Durant. Best of luck to the Duke product.



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