Why the Warriors Will Not Win the NBA Championship

The NBA regular season has started, but believe me when I say this will be no regular season. Now that LeBron is in the West, a debate has ensued for who will emerge from the East. As far as the West goes, there are now multiple teams who could potentially challenge the almighty Golden State Warriors on their Game of Thrones-esque conquest for yet another NBA title. After adding Demarcus Cousins, the superteam alarms have been sounded.

Well, I say to hell with that!

Hot Take: The Golden State Warriors will not only fail to win the Larry O’Brien this year, but they won’t even make it out of the West.

Now I know what you all are saying. “Jake, you had too much Ambien again and you’re making crazy claims. They have five All-Stars in their starting lineup, two former MVPs, and three of the best shooters of all time.” After dominating the NBA for many years there are not many good reasons to see why the Warriors shouldn’t be able to do yet another victory lap.

But there is one reason: hope.

Looking at the numbers, the Warriors may have the most talented starting lineup in NBA history. But numbers don’t win games, players do. This game is played by people who are sick and tired of seeing this league become a three-point shooting contest every year, and where the NBA Finals are determined months before the season has even begun.

LeBron did not go to the Lakers to help rebuild a team of LA teenagers, and the Rockets did not add Carmelo Anthony just so they could come within one game of the Finals. These teams and players made these moves because they want to strive for the pinnacle of NBA success: a championship.

Some of you reading this understandably think I should be cast off into the black hole of the internet, solely living off Info Wars emergency food stocks with Alex Jones. While I am just a broke college kid writing this article on the couch of my house — which hasn’t been cleaned since I moved in — who is about as qualified to talk about professional sports as Joe Rogan is to talk about politics, I have a voice and you’ll be damned if you think I am not going to use it.

On July 4th, 2016 when Kevin Durant signed with the Warriors, I wanted to throw up. I had a feeling that this was the end of the competitive NBA as we knew it and the Warriors would go on dominate the NBA for years to come. I love the NBA, but alas we have seen it grow into a zombie-like manifest of its former self. The hope we hold as fans and players of the game is going to serve as our sole cure to revive the former NBA we all knew and love.

There are endless possibilities for what could play out this year. Perhaps Luka Doncic will turn out to be the next Michael Jordan, propelling the Mavericks to an NBA title in a blaze of glory. Maybe all five starters on the Warriors will tear their ACL in the first game and they will have to rely on Shaun Livingston putting up a cool 43.2 points per game. Maybe the entire East will defect to China, with only Cedi Osman and the Cleveland Cavaliers freeing up their spring schedules for playoffs. Are these scenarios likely? Hell no, but there is hope that they could happen.

Believe me when I say I know how ridiculous this article is. I know that it will take a whole lot more than hope to prevent the Warriors from crushing our dreams once again. But with the roster they have in place, I think the only thing that we as fans have left is hope.



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