Will Sobriety Finally get Josh Gordon’s Career Back on Track?

If you have followed the NFL at all since 2013, you have to know the name Josh Gordon. After being drafted out of Baylor in the second round of the Supplemental Draft, Gordon broke out in his first two seasons, getting first-team All-Pro honors in his sophomore campaign by leading the NFL in receiving yards in the 2013-2014 season.

However, since Gordon’s second year in the NFL, he has dealt with sobriety issues which have led to lengthy suspensions and disappointment to all Cleveland fans who thought that they finally had something to cheer for.

After years of inactivity, the Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver announced last Saturday that he will rejoin his teammates after missing training camp and the beginning of the preseason due to personal issues as he struggles to maintain sobriety. Gordon released a press statement saying, “As I humbly return to being a member of this team with an opportunity to get back to playing this game I love, I realize in order for me to reach my full potential my primary focus must remain on my sobriety and mental well-being,”

This year will be the first year since his All-Pro selection where Josh Gordon will be burning defenses instead of the devil’s lettuce. I must say, I really am glad to see the Browns finally help a man quit drinking because they have been turning their fans into alcoholics for years.

With the Browns on Hard Knocks this year, episodes are going to be even more intriguing as we get to see how Gordon fits into an already drama-filled locker room. However, I believe this year will be Josh Gordon’s bounce-back year because of his sheer talent and athleticism. Baker Mayfield and Tyrod Taylor are two of the best QBs the Browns have had in decades, and Josh Gordon has been looking jacked and lightning quick in videos circulating social media.

If Gordon really has moved on from the troubles that have kept him from playing in 56 of the 96 games he could have played in, I predict at least 60 receptions and 1100+ yards receiving yards from him this year.

For the Fantasy Football players out there, I suggest grabbing Gordon in your drafts. He is one of those high ceiling players that could take your team to another level.

For the good of football, let’s hope that this is the year Gordon gets his act together because he is a special football player. Nobody wants to see addiction ruin somebody’s life and I really hope this young man is ready to make the changes he needs to turn his career around.

– Baker 


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