Wizards 2017-2018 Season Recap

Finally, after years of waiting, a Washington winter sports team made it past the month of May and actually won a championship. #ALLCAPS. Attention for our heroes, the Capitals, is very much deserved but with all this excitement we haven’t had time to sit down and examine on how the other winter sports team did.

With a 43-39 record, the Washington Wizards barely made it into the postseason only to get absolutely shit on by the Raptors, who in return received an even worse ass-beatin’ from the Cavs. Anyway, the Wizards had a relatively normal season filled with injuries, beef, and an unhelpful bench.

Early in the season things were looking alright. Key players like Wall, Beal, Gortat, Morris, and Porter Jr. all returned hungry after being embarrassed by Kelly Olynyk and the Boston Celtics in the 2017 playoffs.

With an impulse decision made by Ernie Grunfeld, we picked up another useless backup guard (Tim Frazier) for our only draft pick that year and then continued to fill our salary cap by signing a new and improving Otto Porter Jr. for 26 million.

Jeez. When are we gonna get rid of Grunfeld?

Midway into the season, the Wizards were 26-22 before John Wall went out with a Knee problem. All fans at that point were worried for the what the season would now become and if Beal and the rest of the Zards would do well enough to keep us in the postseason race.

Surprisingly the first 17 games gave hope to fans with a promising 11-6 record. The new face of the Wizards was then presented, a 6’7” Czech guard by the name of Tomas Satoransky. The man stepped up when he was needed and gave Beal plenty of help, and ended up being a solid replacement for the injured Wall.

The Czechoslovakian was really making a positive impact on Washington basketball, unlike his European counterpart who decided to get a little too cocky. Polish big man Marcin Gortat got loud and called out Wall on Twitter; “Unbelievable win tonight! Great “team” victory!” shooting at Wall’s impact toward the team while injured.

Wall and Gortat supposedly met up, discussed, and solved the issue, but after all Gortat has done on the court, I can’t believe the balls he has to call out John Wall. Wall then returned and proved that he was more than important to the team, yet did not perform at a level that would get them past the first round.

Still waiting on the Troop 41 “Do the John Wall” pt. 2.

Despite all the beef and useless players that filled the salary space, we got to see some talent develop and new pieces of the puzzle ravel out. As mentioned earlier, Satoransky gave hope to the Wizards bench and Kelly Oubre Jr. continues to develop into another key bench player.

Beal did step up this season when Wall went down and Otto Porter Jr. really did prove his worth this year, well maybe not all 26 million, but he took another step forward. Porter with a few more pounds of muscle could be really deadly on both sides of the court for the Wizards next season if we don’t get LeBron. #LeBrontoWashington

The future of the Wizards is what really puzzles all of us fans. After watching the draft and the Wizards picking Troy Brown (Yes I’m also confused on who the hell he is) over Robert Williams, who would show great use to us, we all know the issue is within our GM.

On the other hand, the team chemistry is slowly dying and we all wonder whether we should restart or continue to swap to find the right piece to do better than the previous year.

Honestly, the best option we got is Gortat, Smith, and Oubre for Boogie. I don’t mind that, then again Ernie is still our GM. Zards fans can still dream though.

It was an up and down season and has thus far been a puzzling offseason. Let’s hope the Zards can cast some magic this summer and fix the roster for a deep playoff run next year.



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