Exactly What Washington Needs: Colt McCoy

Buccaneers at Redskins 11/16/14

Whether you call him Colt the Bolt or McCoy the Toy, he just might be Washington’s savior.

To many fans’ disappointment, the ‘Skins fell to the Houston Texans last Sunday 23-21, losing quarterback Alex Smith to a season-ending Joe Theisman-esque injury in the process.

But from being a ‘Skins fan for the last five to ten years, we know a thing or two about backup QBs. Heck, we even subjected ourselves to a “quarterback controversy” between Father John Beck and Rex Crazy Eights Grossman.

Now with Texas Longhorns legend Colt McCoy back in the saddle, I couldn’t be more excited to see how Washington can finish out this season.

Now entering his fifth season with Washington, McCoy has proved himself an essential centerpiece of the organization. Never faulting to show up and show out in the preseason, McCoy has been the one steady piece in the revolving door of Washington QBs.

Never once complaining about being cast aside to witness all the lowlights of the RG3, Kirk Cousins, and Alex Smith starting tenures in Washington, McCoy has demonstrated a remarkable level of patience during his time in the nation’s capital.

Going into their game against Houston the Redskins were a shaky 6-3, with plenty of concerns regarding their offense’s ability to put up points. With Smith’s suspect production, it appeared the Washington offense was at a stalemate going into week 11, looking far from strong enough to make a solid playoff run.

And there is good news: McCoy is a certified winner.

With every record broken at UT football, McCoy is one of three FBS quarterbacks to average 10 wins per season for four seasons. Regardless of his NFL production, not just anyone can have the success that McCoy did while in college. If you can produce that well on one of football’s biggest stages for four straight years, you must be doing something right.

While McCoy wasn’t able to get the guns fully blazin’ enough to mount a comeback against Houston, he did impress. McCoy ended the game with 89 all-purpose yards and a sneaky TD throw. Now averaging seven yards per carrying, McCoy’s rushing average on the season puts him above the likes of Nick Chubb and Tyreek Hill. Stats don’t lie.

Let us not forget that coy 4th down conversion off the QB sweep. In classic ‘Skins fashion, Gruden reached into his high school JV football playbook with an absolute money play call and McCoy delivered as he scampered toward the sideline for the 1st down.

With the ‘Skins signing USC great and two-time AFC Championship finalist Mark Sanchez (fight on), it appears Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden are committed to bolstering our QB depth with an all-star team of college QBs. But with the way I see it, the Washington offense has been far from playoff caliber this season and if there is anything that I believe could jumpstart it, it would be an energized and hungry Colt McCoy.

Washington takes on Dallas next week in a big game to see if the ‘Skins can recover with a QB change. And if there is one thing that Colt McCoy has displayed from his career at UT and his upset win over the Dallas Cowboys in 2014: the man can win in Texas.

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