Josh Johnson: The Future of Washington Football

In a move signaling the thoroughly terrible situation the Washington football team has backed themselves into, Josh Johnson inked a deal to hold the clipboard for another player without a reason to be on an NFL roster, The Sanchize.

Now Johnson, formerly of Alliance of American Football and United Football League fame, has an opportunity to take his first NFL snap since 2012. That snap resulted in a sack-fumble. At least he has an entertaining Wiki page! Let’s go through some fun facts about the newest member of the ‘Skins.

Johnson has had 16 separate stints on different professional football teams. From playing on the 49ers two different times in 2012 and 2014, to playing for ¾ of the AFC North (Steelers never had to stoop so low), he’s had plenty of experience playing for new teams. That doesn’t even mention his times on the Sacramento Mountain Lions and the San Diego Fleet.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Johnson has been called upon as a result of Colt McCoy going down. In 2012, the Browns signed Johnson after injuries to Brandon Weeden and Colt McCoy left them without a backup. After another in-game injury to Thad Lewis, Johnson played for one snap in a Week 17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The single snap resulted in a sack fumble.

The last time Johnson threw a pass was in 2011. He played in five different games, and in his final game, he attempted two passes, completed one, got picked off, and averaged -21 yards per attempt. He totaled three yards. No way there’s a better option on the free agent market.

But I’ve heard he’s got some toughness: Johnson played high school football with Marshawn Lynch where the two led their team to the Oakland Athletic League Championship. That makes two high school champions- The Sanchize also won a title in his high school days.

Ultimately, Josh Johnson probably isn’t going to have to see the field in these remaining four games. Sure, Washington has already had two quarterbacks break their leg in the past several games, and he has come in after flurries of injuries in the past, but it’s extremely unlikely that he’s going to even get the chance to make a difference in this already-lost season.

But I can think of one other option on the free agent market that could be better than either active QB on the roster. Maybe it’s not even a possibility- I’d be surprised to see him sign for a team with such an offensive name, but he absolutely would be a better alternative than either of these failures, and it’s embarrassing to the organization that he wasn’t even an option. #HTTR


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