The 76ers Have a Ben Simmons Problem

Last night NBA teams from coast to coast hit the floor for some Christmas day action. From Harden dropping 41 on the Thunder, and the Lakers somehow destroying the Warriors without LeBron in the 4th quarter, Santa truly delivered us a great slate of games.

The game I focused on the most while I was recovering from my post Christmas dinner food coma was Boston vs Philadelphia. As two potential Eastern Conference Finals opponents faced off, the matchup lived up to the hype.

Kyrie Irving was absolutely electric dropping a 40 piece while rocking the un-tucked jersey (kind of disrespectful imo Kyrie). Jimmy Buckets also wasn’t too shabby putting up 24 points as he continues to assert his dominance on the process in Philly. And yes, that was a shot at you Joel.

But as the game went on and the Sixers eventually lost, one thing became apparent: Philly has a Ben Simmons problem.

It is no secret that Simmons isn’t very good at shooting a basketball. No judgment here Ben, as a rec basketball player I made my mark getting rebounds and attempting to make lay ups. I know what it’s like to be afraid to shoot even when I’m wide open. Sometimes the fear of ridicule from my teammates just completely overrides my will to score.

Personally, I’ve seen tremendous growth in my mid range and three point game just from hucking up shots in pickup basketball. It’s all about that nothing to lose mentality.But the problem with Simmons is that he’s too afraid to even try. Just look at his shot chart this season. As the great Michael Scott taught us: “you miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.”

At this point Simmons may want to consider switching sports to handball where only two of the seven players on the court can shoot. I’m sure he’d be the next LeBron James of that sport.

Simmons has all the athletic tools to be a star in this league, but if this shooting debacle continues, it might be time start a professional handball team in Philly.

If you need any other inspiration please feel free to reach out Ben. Bad shooters stick together.

– Jackson

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