Heartbreak in Chicago, Dynasty in Clemson, Bryce Harper and More

Scenes From the Sideline; 1/2 – 1/9

Quote of the week:

“For everybody that thinks im not gonna play the same way, kill yourself, because I believe in myself.” -Derrick Rose.

After the Minnesota Timberwolves fired head coach Tom Thibodeau reporters were questioning Droses belief that he can keep playing at such a high level averaging nearly 19 points while playing 30 minutes a game without Thibodeau. Well Drose had quite the response and oof can’t imagine his PR team is going to be happy with this one.

Moment of the week: Double Doink!

When that ball hit not one, but two posts on Sunday night there was no more perfect ending to the Bears and Cody Parkey’s season. Earlier this season Cody Parkey did his best Miami Lebron impression by hitting not one, not two, not three, but four posts in one game!

Nick Foles has won yet another big game. Is he actually a good QB? No one really knows but if he keeps winning the Eagles are going to have quite the decision on their hands.

Hey Bryce… we’re Waiting!

When the Dodgers traded both Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp to the Reds clearing cap space and opening a spot in the outfield every couch GM out there said “Bryce to LA confirmed” and everyone was waiting for the breaking news that never broke.

Now the Nationals, who were all but out of the running, have become the favorites once again to retain the MVP winner. The Nats reportedly increased their offer to over $300 million seem as if they want to keep Harper off the Phillies just as much as they want to keep him. The Ball is in Bryce’s court and all we can do is try to wait patiently for a decision.

NBA All-Star Voting is Broken

The first NBA all-star votings came in and they are uhh… interesting to say the least. Luka Doncic has more votes than KD, D-Rose and D-Wade are both slated to be starters, Demarcus Cousins is 10th in west frontcourt despite not playing a game, and Jeremy Lin has more votes than Bradley Beal.

The NBA all-star game has officially become a popularity contest where big names, fan favorites, and big market players get the votes instead of the more deserving players. If the NBA wants the all star game to become relevant again they must take away fan voting so we can see the best players play against each other, instead of about to retire Dwyane Wade.

Trevor Lawrence is Special

Before the National Championship last night the debate everyone was posing the big question: who’s better between Trevor Lawrence and Tua Tagovailoa? Trevor Lawrence answered that question Monday night. Despite being a true freshman and 19 years old, the moment was not too big for Lawrence, who put on a show against Alabama that no one will soon forget.

Lawrence threw for nearly 350 yards three touchdowns and zero interceptions. Lawrence’s performance last night was a masterpiece, nearly perfect and to imagine he still has two years left to play in college. Alabama’s dynasty is far from over, but there is a new king in college football.

In the last four years now Alabama and Clemson have the exact same record overall, same head to head record, and same amount of natty championships. These two programs are head and shoulders above everyone else.

In two years expect teams to be a competitive tank-off to try to land the Clemson star.

Can we just skip the 2019 season so we can get to Trevor Lawrence vs Tua Tagovailoa part II?

-Sean Hannegan

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