2018 National Championship: A Tale of Two Dynasties

On Sunday I drove 800 miles from Bethesda, Maryland to Tuscaloosa, Alabama so that I could come watch my school win our second championship in a row. I was there last when Tua threw the game winning touchdown against Georgia and the atmosphere in T-town was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

I came back because I genuinely thought this year’s Alabama team was the greatest college football team of all time and I wanted to be surrounded by the Bama faithful when we cap off our undefeated season as champions. Monday night I learned that was far from the truth.  

As an Alabama fan I was devastated by the loss. As a football fan, I couldn’t help but appreciate just how incredible Clemson and especially freshman QB Trevor Lawrence played.

However, I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that arguably the most dominant team in the history of the sport was able to get their asses whooped up and down the field by a team we had dominated last year, and been so competitive with in the two years before.  

Perhaps Drake cursed us when he decided to hop on the Bama bandwagon? I’m sure he has already ordered a Trevor Lawrence jersey so he can flex about how his “boys” caught the dub.  Or maybe God is punishing the state of Alabama for bringing Jeff Sessions into the world. All I know is that last night something was up with the Crimson Tide and they were definitely not playing like their normal selves.  

Clemson deserves all the credit in the world. They played a better game than they ever have and they clearly just wanted it more than Bama did. After Kelly Bryant shit the bed in last year’s playoff game, Dabo Swinney was probably licking his chops knowing he had five star recruit Trevor Lawrence coming in to return the Tigers to their glory days of Deshaun Watson.

Return them to their glory days he did. Clemson became the first undefeated national champion since 2013, unless you want to count UCF’s self proclaimed “championship” last year. I am honestly pretty salty Lawrence is only a freshmen because I wish the Redskins could make some moves to draft him this year. The kid looks that good.  

However, if there is one thing other than Lawrence’s potential that I learned from this game it is that Alabama’s dynasty is not over. In fact it is far from it, but they are no longer the lone top dogs in College football. After Clemson has claimed two championships in three years it would be unfair to say they are not at the top of the football world.

In fact get ready because you will probably see these teams in the championship again next year. Both teams will return their starting quarterbacks next season and they both have top ten recruiting classes with Alabama having number one and Clemson number six.

This was a painful loss for the Tide, but there is no doubt in my mind that they will bounce back.  If I’ve learned anything from watching Alabama football it is that you do not want to play them when they’re pissed off and they are gonna be more motivated than ever next year. I can promise you Nick Saban has probably already started planning for next year’s season opener against Duke.

Clemson got their revenge this year and they absolutely deserved it. They put on one of the most complete, full-team performances I have ever seen last night. But next year a brand new season begins, and there is no doubt in my mind that Alabama will be out for blood. Roll Tide!

– Jake Hornyak

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