Why the Eagles Should Trade Carson Wentz

Wow, just wow. The double cross-bar doink from Chicago kicker Cody Parkey to break Bears fans hearts and send Philly and Big Dick Nick to Bourbon Street to play the Saints.

It does not come as a surprise though, as Parkey is notoriously well known for hitting cross-bars in his career. NBC literally played a montage of all the times that Parkey has nailed the crossbar.

But the real story line is with Nick Foles, who seems to always accomplish the impossible when he is at the helm for the Birds. Which brings me to make the take: it’s time for the Eagles to seriously consider trading third-year quarterback Carson Wentz, and sign Nick Foles to a long-term contract.

It’s obviously a radical idea to let your young highly drafted QB walk and sign a 29-year-old to a long-term deal. But you know what else is pretty radical and something that most people thought would never happen? The fact that back-up quarterback Nick Foles would lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl win over the Patriots.

If you’re looking at pure skill sets, Wentz is the better quarterback, but there is just something that changes when Nick Foles is in the lineup. The guy beat Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to win the team’s first super bowl, and in his fourth game back as full-time starter this year he threw for 471 yards and 4 touchdowns. 471 freaking yards, sheesh! Foles is basically Jesus in Philly.

Losing a great young quarterback like Carson Wentz isn’t ideal, but they could probably get a first round pick and more in exchange. Wentz has also sustained some pretty serious injuries early into his career, so there is risk in trusting him to be your franchise quarterback.

You just can’t let a man like Foles walk. If Foles were to go to another team I don’t think he would even be that good. But there is just some Philly magic when that guy puts on an Eagles jersey.

Personally, I am already convinced that Foles should be the Eagles starting quarterback next year. But if he wins another Super Bowl there shouldn’t be any question.

Whichever decision they make will be met with scrutiny; however, Nick Foles should be the franchise quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles travel to the Superdome to face off against the Saints, a team that destroyed Philly in the regular season 48 to 7. If Foles can pull off another miracle, I think it will then become a real possibility that the Eagles may trade Wentz at the end of the season and sign Nick Foles to a long-term deal.

We will see for ourselves on Sunday if the legend of Nick Foles continues.

-Jackson Parker



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