CBS Was Wrong to Reject Super Bowl Medical Cannabis Ad

As legislation continues to push CBD and cannabis to the forefront of American politics, and the nation as a whole is coming to terms with its positive impacts, it appears that CBS and the NFL are living in the past. Earlier this week it was announced that CBS nixed the idea of airing a pro-medical cannabis commercial during the Super Bowl.

Acreage Holdings, the multi-state cannabis company backed by John Boehner, said that CBS turned down an ad calling for legalization of medical marijuana after seeing a rough outline of the commercial.

Many, including prominent athletes, have been quick to point out CBS’s hypocrisy. The channel will still air alcohol and prescription pill ads, despite their significant side-effects. This reflects a culture of ignorance and avoidance of the facts by an often anti-progressive organization. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, NFL.

The facts and research behind cannabis are coming in fast, and while it’s still a substance which shouldn’t be used freely, the Devil’s Lettuce has been proven to have a positive impact in so many scenarios. Of course I would never, but have you ever gotten back from a workout and taken a huge bong rip? If you haven’t, you just don’t understand. If you have, you’ll understand why so many professional athletes regularly consume CBD and cannabis- much to the dismay of the strict leagues that employ these players.

Now, let’s talk about the pernicious impacts of alcohol and prescription pills. The USA is in the midst of a full-blown opioid crisis, prescription drugs are consumed by tens of millions of people every year, and medication-related deaths are on the rise. Alcohol is responsible for an estimated 88,000 deaths per year, making it the third-leading preventable cause of death in the United States (NIH). Cannabis has been found to have killed approximately zero people. Despite the straight facts revealed by countless studies, I understand that the standard should be more nuanced than just avoiding death.

It’s still important to tell both sides. Research has brought to light serious side effects of cannabis use. According to Alex Berenson, people who used cannabis at 15 were more four times as likely to develop schizophrenia or a relate syndrome.

But let’s stay focused- we’re literally talking about addictive alcohol and opiates here. How can CBS support relatives of seriously addicting substances, and deny a simple “legalize it” ad without even seeing the full product?

One could rant forever about the ridiculousness of this decision, but it’s also easy to explain when we remember this is the NFL we’re talking about. The NFL’s backwards cannabis policies represent their stake in maintaining the status quo, keeping people thoughtless, and continuing to promote the only way most can enjoy such a violent sport- pure drunkenness. Keep that brain damage coming, you corrupt bastards.

-Sean Hannegan & Michael Gorman

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  1. I’m 76, don’t care about smoking pot, but if others wish to that’s their choice; after all, I enjoy a glass of wine. I have taken Manitoba Harvest hemp oil every day since 2012 for good health and want the opportunity to take cannabis oil high in CBD for optimal health. It took an inner ear virus June of 2011 leaving me with dizziness and balance issues to start my researching. I am a believer and supporter; just do your own researching. I have told all my doctors and specialist that if they tell me that I have cancer, I will go to the nearest state where it is legal for my treatment of choice.


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