Anthony Davis Requests Trade, MLB Free Agency Has Gone Stagnant, Patriots Are Still Here and More

Scenes From the Sideline;  1/17-1/30

Quote of the Week: “We’re still here!” – Tom Brady

I am 20 years old and my entire lifetime of NFL fandom has been dominated by the Patriots. Somehow they are just as dominant now as they were in the mid-2000s, yet people still doubt them. TV analysts like Max Kellerman have put their careers integrity on the line hoping they’d be the one to correctly predict the Patriots downfall and they’ve all been wrong. So for the Super Bowl, will I be rooting for the Patriots? Absolutely not, but I’d be an idiot to bet against them.

Moment of the Week:  Championship Games Push Refs Failures to Center Stage

The 2018 NFC Championship game is going to go down as one of the most controversial games in NFL history. I doubt I need to remind anyone of the non-call pass interference that cost the Saints a Super Bowl ticket but it goes further than that. Those refs were terrible, not just because of that one missed call but throughout the course of the entire game. The refs spent the entire NFC championship missing blatant penalties then rewarding make-up calls. Not only were the Saints robbed of the Super Bowl, but as a fan, the refs robbed us of having a fond memory of a very entertaining game between two great teams. Now, whenever we think back to the 2018 NFC Championship game it won’t be viewed as anything more than a botched game by the officials and that’s not fair to anyone.

Hopefully, these embarrassing moments in the playoffs will be enough to force Goodell’s hands and make pass interference calls reviewable. Yes, refs are humans so they are not going to be perfect but with today’s technology, there is no reason for a game with this much on the line to come down to the refs missing calls.

The Warriors Have Gone Full Thanos on the NBA

Demarcus Cousins has returned, and the Warriors death lineup is official. The craziest part of the Warriors is that if Steve Kerr wants to rest two of the five best players in the NBA he still has three all-stars he can put out on the court. I’m having a hard time imaging a team being able to beat the Warriors four times in seven games. The Rockets were close to doing it last year but the Rockets have taken a step back, and somehow the Warriors have gotten better. The end of the Warriors could be near with Kevin Durant, Demarcus Cousins and Klay Thompson all hitting free agency this summer but for now, it looks like another championship is heading to the Bay.

MLB’s Hot Stove Has Gone Ice Cold

We are less than a month away from spring training and there are still over one hundred free agents yet to be signed including some of the biggest names in the sport. Forget Manny Machado and Bryce Harper for a second, and you realize there are still elite players that are unemployed including former Cy Young winner Dallas Keuchel, superstar closer Craig Kimbrel, and all-Star Mike Moustakas.

For the second straight year, MLB’s offseason has been a snail race; slow and anti-climactic. This 2018 free agency class was hyped up as one of the best in recent memory and yet it still feels like it has yet to start. This just shows the growing disconnect between the owners and players, financially speaking, and if something isn’t done or changed by 2021 it’s looking more and more likely a lockout will be in Major League Baseball’s future.

Anthony Davis Wants Out

It was only inevitable at this point. Sitting at 13 in the Western Conference and six games back from a playoff spot it was only a matter of time before the Pelicans and Anthony Davis parted ways. The Pelicans are not inclined to trade Davis anytime soon but the longer they wait, the more his stock on the trade market could be affected by his impending free agency in 2020. Two teams to have your eye on as a potential suitor before the deadline is one the Lakers and two the Denver Nuggets.

The Lakers are a fit for obvious reasons as they have young talent in Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and even Ivica Zubac who could entice the Pelicans if they choose to rebuild, and AD would provide Lebron with a star to play alongside with.

The Nuggets are my sleeper team to acquire AD with a plethora of young assets like Gary Harris, Jamal Murray, and even Michael Porter Jr. The Nuggets could offer a deal to the Pelicans which they can’t refuse, and a frontcourt of Anthony Davis and Nikola Jokic? Yes, please.

Thanks for reading this week’s Scenes from The Sideline! Make sure to check back next week!

-Sean Hannegan


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