The Top Super Bowl LIII Commercials, Ranked

With everything considered, the 2019 Super Bowl might go down as the worst Super Bowl of all time. From the dreadful offensive play, to the underwhelming halftime show, accompanied with the lack of stand out commercials, this year’s rendition of the big game was a let down. In years past, poor performance could be forgotten due to a powerful halftime show.

That was the case in Super Bowl XXVII, when the Dallas Cowboys showed no mercy on the Buffalo Bills in a 52 to 17 route but Michael Jackson saved the day for fans around the world. If neither the play on the field nor the halftime entertainment can capture audience’s heart, there’s always a slew of commercials to excite the consumer in all of us. However, this year was not that year.

If you missed some of the on-screen and off-the-field action, we took the time to rank the 10 Super Bowl commercials of 2019. Commercials were based off numerous attributes, including but not limited to: length (was it too short/long?), entertainment (were you glued to the TV?), shock factor (did you have a reaction?), and purpose (did it convince you to buy the product/service?).

Do you agree with our rankings?

Top 10

1. The Twilight Zone

2. Bud Light

3. Doritos

4. Bud Light

5. NFL 100

6. Bubly

7. Planters

8. Microsoft

9. Amazon

10. The Washington Post

The Rest

11.  CBS

12.  T-Mobile (commercial 3)

13.  Walmart

14.  Stella Artois

15.  CBS (eyeballs)

16.  Toyota (super pinball)

17.  Devour

18.  Michelob Ultra

19.  T-Mobile (eggplant parmesan)

20.  Kia

21.  CBS

22.  Google

23.  T-Mobile (1)

24.  Audi

25.  Bumble

26.  Pepsi

27.  Olay

28.  Mint Mobile

29.  Hyundai

30.  Mercedes-Benz

31.  Weather-Tec

32.  Budweiser

33.  Google

34.  Fair

35.  Hennessey

36.  Verizon

37.  Jim Beam

38.  Michelob Ultra

39.  T-mobile

40.  Hanna

41.  M&M’s

42.  Pringles

43.  Yellow Tail Wine

44.  Bud Light 4

45.  Coca Cola

46.  Colgate

47.  Sprint

48.  Turbotax

49.  SimpliSafe

50.  Spiked Seltzer

51.  Ford

52.  AT&T

Honorable mentions:

Stella Artois,Walmart,Toyota,Burger King,Hyundai,Sketchers, Bud Light (3rd and 4th commercial), Burger King

-Josh Leviloff


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