Pay for Your Own Damn Stadium, Dan Snyder

On Tuesday, Dan Snyder and Redskins fans got some bad news. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan informed the team that he would be pulling out of negotiations for a new stadium. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser echoed a similar sentiment, saying the Skins “would have to build their own stadium.”

I was thrilled when I heard the news that DMV lawmakers didn’t give into Snyder’s demands. Ultra-wealthy billionaires demanding that hardworking taxpayers finance their expensive stadiums is one of my biggest pet peeves in sports. From Mark Davis and the Raiders leaving Oakland because the city wouldn’t finance his stadium to the Seattle Supersonics leaving for Oklahoma City, billionaires attempt to hold their host cities hostage in order to fund their lavish stadiums.  

And out of all the billionaires, the fact that Dan Snyder, of all people, has the audacity to think people in the state of Maryland owe him a cent is comical. The guy just bought a 100 million dollar yacht  but we’re supposed to believe that he can’t pay for a stadium on his own?

Snyder has turned a once proud franchise into a dumpster fire of an organization. In his 20-year tenure as owner, the Redskins have won just two playoff games, and are 139 and 180. If anything, he should be sending checks or handing out free yacht rides to every Redskins fan in the DMV for all of the damage he has done to their team and morale.

Snyder was exposed earlier this year for lying to the fanbase about a “season ticket waiting list,” when in reality they were just removing seats from FedEx field. A man without any sense of integrity, who sued a 73-year-old grandmother because she lost most of her assets in a housing crash and couldn’t afford season tickets, is not a man that deserves to be handed billions of dollars to lead a project for a new stadium.

Everyone who follows football and lives in the greater DMV area knows that FedEx field is an absolute dump, and needs to be relocated. But the issues that lie within the stadium from overpriced parking and tickets that can give away teams a home field atmosphere are all the fault of Dan Snyder. It’s his mess and he has to clean it up.

I commend Governor Hogan and Mayor Bowser for standing up to Dan Snyder. Maybe this will teach him a lesson or he’ll just continue to be an egotistical billionaire- I have money on the latter. #ImpeachSnyder

-Jackson Parker


  1. I’m a huge Washington Redsk8n fan, and for the life of me, having Snyder buy the Redsk8ns after having Jack Kent Cooke as an owner, is going from the Penthouse to the Outhouse! My son, whom will turn 23 this year had NEVER seen the Redskins I knew, and I am not sure he ever will with Snyder owning the Redskns. It is the worst, and for Snyder to say he grew up a Redsk8ns fan is TOTAL BS! Dude you have killed 9ne of the BEST NFL franchises singlehandedly, this is 100000%all on you! All true Redsk8n fans see it, they see right threw you….signing Bruce Smith, Jeff George and Deion Sanders were the makings of our past 20yrs! AT WORST, you could have learned how Jack Kent Cooke did it with a great GM in Bernard and Casserily…..but no pool, you go with Vinnie and Allen, how don’t know their ass from their elbows about a football team…..and you 3xpect the Redskins fans to still be there after your 20yrs of BS……well, as a true fan….good luck, because that is NOT happening.
    I NEVER thought for 1 second we would ever be like the Cardnials or the Bengals or even the old ‘ Aunts fans, but we are and it will only get worse! You think a win here and there will cure what ills your team, it won’t, and we are paying for your BS!
    Here is my recomme ration, sell the team to Joe Gibbs, at least he knows football, and would know his ‘ll stations and get the right people in the right places….just look at his NASCAR team, pretty good run organization, and he knew NOTHING about NASCAR before he started his Racing team! SO, I say bring back Joe Gibbs as the Owner of the Redsk8ns, at least then I would feel some hope…..but with you owning this team, nope, and just wait when FedEx walks, no one will pu their name o your football stadium.
    I am concerned that our once proud franchise will be know by some other thing here real soon, and it might be worst than the ‘Aints of old…..once the Hogs, the Smurfs, Riggo, man I hate it, but reality is true, and you did this to us….thanks for nothing a-hole!

  2. This team needs a makeover in the worst way. What we need is for Synder to get out the way and let someonewho really knows something about football start making some decisions. Truthfully we need a new coach someone’s proven to be a winner. The team is the reflection of the coaching staff.

    • How can you even say it’s a reflection of the coaching staff have you been watching this team since Snyder has owned them obviously you have not been

  3. I have been a skins fan all my life my first game was 1968 I have seen it all I have tried to reach out to certain people in the front office to help to get our fans back and make FedEx field a better fan experience and try to put us season ticket holders on top again but they have turned me down I even told them my time would not cost them a cent hell I have been trying to get moved and can’t even do that I don’t understand it why such a great franchise can go so wrong I understand the comments the players make when they play at home who wants to get booed all the time omg I hate it’s so hard to sit and listen to that calling names and pointing fingers is not the answer they need to start working with loyal fans not sure how many r left but it’s a start I’m a rfk man nothing could ever replace the fan experience in there nor the Redskins fan family we had there for years we need to save our team I would like to go in with others to help or buy em 2019 is a new hey front office let’s try to change things how about it
    HTTR for ever jb

  4. Redskins management have a mountain to climb to regain their once proud franchise stature . The problem is it is a mudslide from the top and the long standing firm footing from their fan base has eroded into a a pool of quicksand. Our only possible hope is an NFL introvention because fans stop spending money.


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