Is Tristan Thompson Good Enough at Basketball to Be Such a Jerk?

I think we can all agree, without knowing the intimacies of a relationship none of us are involved in, Tristan Thompson is a grade-A jerk and Khloé Kardashian could find a much nicer guy.

But, she loves basketball players. Khloé was married to Lamar Odom for seven years, during which he kind of sucked at his job. He went from the Lakers, to the Mavericks, to the Clippers, and then… he played in Spain. During this time, Khloé and her family were building an empire, and getting more recognizable and well-connected by the minute.

February 18, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Following the absolute disaster that was the end of their marriage, Khloé got really fit, wrote a book, and whatever else famous women do when their husbands are in a coma and can’t yet be served divorce papers.

Now Khloé has a cute baby with 27-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson. And he’s been cheating on her non-stop. Namely a few days before their daughter was born, in a New York City nightclub. They are allegedly broken up for real now, but that hasn’t kept Thompson from creating a real doozy of a tabloid moment with Khloé’s sister’s best friend and C-list celebrity, Jordyn Woods.

Jordyn Woods lives with Kylie Jenner and mooches off the Kardashian family like no other mooch (and there are many) in the Kardashian’s world. Not surprisingly, Khloé was actually responsible for one of Jordyn’s first modeling jobs..

Jordyn Woods for Good American

These scandals have me asking, what will Tristan be remembered for once he is retired? His inconsistent seasons with the Cavs? His ridiculous contract? The fact he knocked up one of the most famous women in the world? Or, more likely, the fact he acted like a total dog during and after their relationship, blatantly disrespecting the mother of his child in front of the whole world?

I also wonder if his career will be better remembered because of his extracurricular activities. For example (and I’m not comparing animal abuse to cheating, for the record), I honestly don’t think people would really still be talking about Michael Vick’s career as a quarterback if it weren’t for his now name-brand notoriety allowing him to remain in the public’s mind far passed when he would have retired from the NFL anyway. Although his career as one of the most dynamic dual-threat quarterbacks in the league wasn’t long lasting, Vick will go down as one of the bigger what-ifs of the early 2000s.

More likely though, Thompson’s career will improve due to his fame, which is growing exponentially. When players get an individual identity separate from the reputation of their team, the pressure grows and the play can improve. There’s no more flying under the radar for Thompson and he better step up to the plate, so to speak. For Jordyn Woods’ pretty pathetic modeling career, I sure hope this is true. They’ll both be Hall of Famers if they keep these escapades up. In the meantime, I hope Khloé can find herself a boyfriend who’s nice and good at basketball, as she’s gone 0-2 twice now.

-Berry K. Phillips



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