An Instagram Post and an NCAA Suspension: The Tehoka Nanticoke Story

Photo by Michael J. Okoniewski- Syracuse Athletic Communications

Breaking news: The NCAA did the unthinkable again. Inside Lacrosse reported today that University of Albany star attackmen Tehoka Nanticoke is serving an indefinite suspension due to the tagging of a stick-stringing company in a social media post. This explains his strange absence on Saturday against No. 2 Cornell.

If you don’t know who Tehoka Nanticoke is I’d suggest you watch his mixtape. He’s easily one of the most electric players in the game of lacrosse.

This has to be one of the most absurd stories I’ve ever read. A star college lacrosse player tags a brand on social media involved in his sport and now he’s getting suspended. The NCAA has gone full banana republic.

This is a whole new level of manipulation. The NCAA already profits off these kids without them getting anything in return, and now apparently they control what these guys can say on social media? Outrageous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such ridiculousness from the NCAA, and that’s saying something.

This is a story that will garner not only a tremendous amount of attention from the lacrosse community but also the national media. If these players don’t have the freedom to post an Instagram caption, then do they have any freedom at all?

If you want to read about how truly evil and corrupt of an organization the NCAA really is, read my piece I wrote in January exposing the fraudulent organization.

Hopefully, enough outrage is generated from this ridiculous situation that Tehoka is reinstated. But if the suspension continues, expect lawyers to get involved. #FreeTehoka.  

  • Jackson Parker



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