WillThaRapper: D.C.’s Unique Vibration

Residing in the South, I can honestly say my ears didn’t veer too far from the Atlanta hip-hop scene: Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Rich Homie Quan, etc. You name it, it was on my playlist. However, this article is not aimed at these individuals, but a certain artist whose style resembles that of the Atlanta trap/hip-hop sound: WillThaRapper.  

The Rise to Fame

Born in southeast Washington D.C., WillThaRapper delivers forceful lyrics about his struggles growing up in the inner city. What sets Will apart is the Atlanta trap-style beats, which immediately turned me into a fan. For example, his hit “Pull Up Hop Out” embodies the ominous Atlanta trap-style beats we all know and love. This song alone has landed the young artist with over 12 million plays on Spotify as well as over four million views on YouTube.

Another honorable mention, as well as one of my personal favorites by Will, is “D-R-A-C-O”. Once again, the trap-style beat and vibrant lyrics set him apart from the rest. “If I catch an op off his base, I’m gonna gonna hit a home run, I put a bat to his face,” is just one of many lines that makes the wordplay so exuberant. Coming directly from his album, Gun Control 2, this song aided WillThaRapper to national fame.

It’s Only the Beginning

After accumulating millions of views on all platforms, WillThaRapper signed to Republic Records in 2017. Once signed, Republic Records used their label promotion magic on his hit “Pull Up Hop Out,” which was all the young artist needed to thrust up his publicity. He not only gathered a larger local following but a robust national following at that. The potential for WillThaRapper is now seemingly endless.

I encourage any hip-hop fan to take a listen to the unique style given to us by WillThaRapper. Forceful lyricism over hard trap-style beats, a rare but blissful combination given to us by the one and only D.C. native.

-Thomas Huncke

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