Jimmy Duval & the Lawsuit Jolting the Hip-Hop Industry

Jimmy Duval is a producer that has worked closely with the late rapper XXXTentacion. Before the death of the young rapper, Duval and XXX had a very close relationship. In fact, Duval produced the hit we’ve all heard hundreds of times — “Look at Me!” Released in 2015 via SoundCloud, this one track would put XXX and Duval on the map permanently. This is where the situation gets a bit dicey.

Duval has recently stepped forward with legal action on the smash hit mentioned above. The producer is seeking compensation from the late rappers estate for unpaid royalties. A producer receives percentage royalty pay based on the amount of plays a song gets on all streaming platforms (i.e. SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, etc.).

With that being said, Duval is claiming that he has not received his royalty payments from “Look at Me!” which is typically protected under contract. The amount Duval is seeking is $1 million, however he claims that the figures are negotiable.

Jimmy Duval has received a mammoth amount of public backlash from this situation, especially because of the timing of it all. Thousands have taken to social media putting Duval on blast that it is unjust for the producer to be suing XXX’s estate, especially after being assasinated.  

Viewing the synopsis from Duval’s side, he believes that everyone should have compensation if they contributed to the production of a song. It may be an extremely hot take but I would have to agree with Duval, especially if his royalties were protected under a legally binding contract. If this were to happen to me I would take legal action myself, particularly if the payout is over $1 million for just one song. This would also be considered a breach of contract, which may result in the producer receiving a larger compensation than expected.

Despite all of the negativity coming his way, Duval claims that he wants to remain apart of the late rappers legacy. A legacy that will always live on to millions of XXXTentacion fans, like myself. This may be a difficult feat for Duval to accomplish, but only time will tell how the public will react as the situation unfolds.

-Thomas Huncke


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