Did Some of Us Sleep on the Jonas Brothers?

I’m not sure if you’ve been on social media in the past few weeks, but you might have heard the big news in the music industry: The Jonas Brothers are back together. I’m not sure how much any of y’all know me, but I am on my junior year of a music business degree, and this reunion is extremely interesting to me, given that despite their great success, they only really captivated their target audience: girls.

Yes, most of my friends that liked the Jonas Brothers were girls. I didn’t think the Jonas Brothers were a good band, mostly due to the fact that as a young boy my other dude friends had programmed me that this music group was for girls only, and we were not allowed to like it. Unfortunately, this was the case with a lot of young guys at this time.

“So what’s the big deal Charlie?” you say, “What’s wrong with not liking the Jonas Brothers? Why would you take time out of your day and write this article while you sip Gin & Tonic on a cramped airplane?” Well I’m glad you asked, because this reunion brought something to light: the Jonas Brothers were a lot better of a band than we gave them credit for.

Where’s my proof? Let’s start with their first big single: “Year 3000.” This single was Disney’s trial run to see if they could sell the idea of a Disney-owned boy band, and it killed. A fun idea of time traveling paired with the alternative rock style of the early 2000s proved for a fun little single to introduce their target audience to the band.

With a solid single under their belt, the band pumps out a metric shit-ton of singles and music videos to flood the Disney Channel. All of them showed their talent as a trio with harmonies, like “S.O.S,” or even the red-hot rock love song “Burnin’ Up.” “Burnin’ Up” however was an important single, in that not only can the Brothers show their musical talent, but also pull off a Disney-friendly bad-boy image.

And of course we can’t leave out my personal favorite: “Lovebug.” “Lovebug” is no short of a musical adventure. The song starts as a cute serenade with a single guitar playing the first part of the song. As it moves on to its next verse and chorus combo, the song gradually gains more traction, adding in different instruments and melody lines, getting louder and more complex.

They finish the song by turning the amps up to 11, going full electric guitar and drum kit, adopting a double-time tempo. I can say with 100 percent certainty (until I’m proven wrong) that “Lovebug” was the greatest single the group has ever put together, and I can only hope that with their new style they can somehow top this single.

Fast-forward over 10 years. It’s early 2019, we haven’t heard anything from the Jonas Brothers except for an occasional solo career attempt every few years. The band almost fades into obscurity, until all of a sudden, BOOM! With next to no heads up, the band drops a new single, “Sucker.”

This single not only shows us that they still have the stuff that made them special, like their superior three-part harmony parts; but this new single also shows us that they have adapted to how to work with the new 2019 polished pop style. The single has a beat that can sound similar to artists like Portugal the Man and a drop at the chorus that fits right into what is popular, all while sounding unique enough to hold on its own.

When I was a younger dude than I am now, I allowed myself to miss out on some great music just because I wasn’t born a girl. If you were in a similar situation like I was, don’t be afraid to give the newly reunited pop group a second chance.




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