Memphis, Tennessee: The New Atlanta?

Atlanta has been the powerhouse of hip-hop music across millennials and generation Z personnel for quite some time now. However, there is one hotspot in particular that captures a very similar sound to that of its Atlanta culprit: Memphis, Tennessee.

The hip-hop scene in Memphis generally became known to the public with the founding of Three 6 Mafia. One of the most notable members of Three 6 Mafia is Juicy J. Known for their early use of the Roland TR-808 machine, Memphis began to create their own sound… a sound captivating thousands across the country.

Young Dolph: The King of Memphis

Known to many as the father of modern Memphis hip-hop, Dolph captivates his audience by the use of the iconic Atlanta-esque trap-style beats. The unique element that Young Dolph possesses that others in the rap game do not is his sheer track record in the Memphis scene. At the age of 33, Dolph has an abundance of hits on the airwaves. A couple of my personal favorites are “In Charlotte”, “Gelato,”among many others that truly embody the lyrical ability of the “King of Memphis.”

One interesting aspect of Dolph’s hit “Gelato” is that it is considered a diss track to a fellow Memphis native who we have all heard of: Yo Gotti. In fact, one of Gotti’s culprits sent multiple gunmen after Young Dolph at a performance in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ironic right? This resulted in Gotti’s label exec 10 years in prison. While it is tragic to say that it occured, luckily nobody was injured.  

Key Glock: We’re Just Getting Started

Another native of Memphis, Key Glock’s music enticed thousands across the country… with the help of his fellow homegrown Young Dolph. The two have collaborated on a couple of songs together, but I would really like to highlight some of the standout hits that Glock has blessed our generation with.

The first hit that I’d like to discuss (and one we’ve all heard) is “Russian Cream.” The lyrical play in this track is absolutely genius. “My diamonds is ill, they make you shiver,” is just on of many lines in “Russian Cream” that demonstrates Glock’s knack for lyricism. Another hit that everyone should be aware of from the young artist is “Since 6ix.” In this track, Key Glock goes in depth about his rough upbringing in Memphis. Once again, I personally cannot put the wordplay to justice. In fact I advise partaking in an intricate listen to  “Since 6ix” to fully understand how theme of the song progresses in correlation to his genius lyrical play.

-Thomas Huncke



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