The Rise and Fall of Michael Avenatti

Once upon a time, celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti was the poster boy for the #Resistance against President Donald Trump and was considering running for President. Now he faces life in prison. His fall from grace has not been pretty, to say the least.

Avenatti caught the national media’s attention when he decided to represent President Donald Trump’s former mistress Stormy Daniels. As a provocative and outspoken defense attorney representing a porn star suing the President, Avenatti was perfect for left-leaning networks like CNN and MSNBC. In 2018 alone he appeared on CNN and MSNBC over 200 times.

Once Avenatti had garnered a national platform, he started visiting Iowa and looked to be on the verge of a Presidential run. In July of 2018, Avenatti said regarding a Presidential bid: “only if I think that there is no candidate in the race that has a real chance of beating him.” Avenatti described himself as a “street fighter” which caused some to believe that he had what it took to take on Trump.

But once Avenatti decided to insert himself into the Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault hearings, Dems became fed up. Avenatti represented a woman named Julie Swetnick who claimed that Brett Kavanaugh had participated in a gang rape. Senators such as Susan Collins from Maine, who was considered somewhat of a swing vote in the confirmation, attacked Avenatti. “This outlandish allegation was put forward without any supporting evidence and simply parroted in the public statements of others,” Collins said.

Things didn’t get much better for Avenatti after the Kavanaugh hearings. On Nov. 14 Avenatti was arrested in Los Angeles over domestic violence charges. Prosecutors eventually declined to press charges against him.

In December, even as irrelevant as it may have been, Avenatti made a formal statement declining to run for President.

Now Michael Avenatti has been arrested for wire and bank fraud in California and allegedly trying to extort Nike due to a “college basketball scandal” he uncovered. Last weekend he went on a bizarre twitter tirade accusing poor college basketball families of accepting money for their kids to go play at a particular school.

If there’s one thing though that will capture sports fans attention it’s the fact that he said he’s uncovered evidence against Duke. Although it would be great to see the evil empire go down, I doubt that Mike the Street Fighter will be the one to do it.

Whether it be inserting himself into a college basketball scandal or the Brett Kavanaugh hearings Avenatti is always involving himself in places where he has no business being involved. He’s an extreme ego-maniac and narcissist and sees other peoples headlines and problems as an opportunity to further his brand. But it looks like he’s finally flown too close to the sun.

If there’s one lesson we can all learn from this fiasco it’s that you always have to be conscious and aware of peoples hidden motivations. The media thought Avenatti was their savior. Now he may be watching them from prison.



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