Quando Rondo Blesses Us Yet Again: “Scarred from Love”

Born and raised out of my hometown of Savannah, Georgia in 1999, Quando Rondo is one of the most slept on rappers apart of the greater NBA (Never Broke Again) group headed by Youngboy Never Broke Again. Born Tyquian Terrell Bowman, he was quick to receive his nickname Ty-Quando from his peers, which later formed into his stage name: Quando Rondo.  

While Quando was discussed briefly in my first piece regarding the lyrical paradigm in occuring in southern hip-hop, the insight of this article is to focus on his latest single that I personally believe to be severely underrated: “Scarred from Love.”

Lyrics: They Tell the Story

Always opting for a more lyrical and R&B approach, Quando Rondo does just that in “Scarred from Love,” Opening with powerful lyrics and melodic piano right from the get go, Rondo immediately signifies there’s a story to be told in this song.

“I don’t know what I need

So when I tell you I love you

I don’t really mean it…”  

Another example:

“You really touched me to my heart

Permanent scars the day I found that you cheated

I kept it real with you girl

I guess you was tryna get even…”

As the track progresses, lyrical play shifts the song toward the theme/meaning behind the song as a whole: heartbreak and struggle. Something, at one point or another, we’ve all dealt with.


Abundantly clear to the audience, you can hear the agony in the young artist’s voice, which is due to Quando Rondo’s difficulties growing up in the crime ridden areas of Savannah. “Scarred from Love” is a prime example of his battles, once again, expressed through his lyrics. This, however, is common of Quando’s lyrical style which makes the young artist so unique. This theme can be found throughout an enormous amount of his music such as “Project Kid” and “Paradise,” to name a couple. This is a special trait of Quando’s that not many artists currently carry today.

Take Away from “Scarred from Love

The messages delivered throughout Quando Rondo’s  “Scarred from Love” are extremely impactful in many ways. Like mentioned above, the R&B style of his lyricism and storytelling over melodic hip-hop beats tells his story in such a rare way which many listeners can relate to. I encourage everyone to give this song a complex listen and really focus on the story he tells in this truly unique track.    

-Thomas Huncke  


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