On Monday, April 15, an unthinkable event occurred that shook the world. The world-famous Notre Dame cathedral burst into flames. International outrage and sadness quickly filled the Twitter-verse. And for good reason, as the historic 800 plus-year-old structure that had survived some of the worst times in human history looked to be on its way out. Nearly a day after the fire over $1 billion was raised from corporations and billionaires from France. The White House even reached out to France to see how they could help. Trump’s master plan was to send in some “flying tankers.” Good luck with that man.

But the sad reality that has been revealed from the quick response from the international community and the White House is how categorically misguided their priorities are. Last week THREE black churches were burned to the ground in the year 2019 by a white supremacist in Louisiana, and nothing from Trump or the White House. It’s been over five years and Flint doesn’t have clean water. Five freaking years and there’s been more outrage in less than 24 hours over the Notre Dame. Puerto Rico still lacks electricity and clean water and you have White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley referring to Puerto Rico as: “that country.”

The Notre Dame cathedral has extreme historical significance and is a symbol that unites the French people. It’s endured WWII when the western world was under attack.

And like in WWII when the Americans came to the defense of the French it’s good to see America sticking up for its ally. But in the grand scheme of things the White House has far greater domestic issues to prioritize. I have no problem at all seeing people donate to the church and the White House reaching out for help but when they neglect to acknowledge serious societal problems in America that’s where I draw the line. I mean isn’t Trump’s whole message “America first?”

It’s time to start caring for the most marginalized and vulnerable people in our society.

Hopefully, people will start to wake up to these humanitarian issues in the U.S. If you’re interested in helping out the churches in Louisiana, Yashar Ali created a go fund me that has already raised over $1.5 million. Great work Yashar!

-Jackson Parker


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