Hailing from Liverpool, England, Stealing Sheep has become one of the most creative and eccentric alternative bands of recent times. The pop-rock trio including Rebecca Hawley, Emily Lansley, and Lucy Mercer has produced music as a collective since 2010 mainly under Heavenly Recordings. Their 2019 album, Big Wows, shows the group at their very best.

All three members provide vocals for their music, while Hawley runs the synthesizers, Lansley is on the keyboard and guitars, and Mercer works the drum machines and drum kit. The members of Stealing Sheep understand their creativity and come together confidently to experiment with and cultivate their compelling sound.

Beyond creating exciting pop-rock alternative music, Stealing Sheep has developed a sensational aesthetic that shines through in their tracks and music videos. Since 2010, the group has released three albums and four EPs with their latest album, Not Real, coming out in April 2015.

Their new album, Big Wows, proudly displays their style through what they describe as a collection of “bold neon pop songs.” The last three years of project development has brought together each member’s individual talents and ingenuity. They all bring their “own creative intuition” to the table, and it an integral part of what makes their work so enthralling.

Big Wows required the cultivation of new musical skills, and the group has worked hard to advance their sound for the project. Each of the members expanded their instrumental repertoire — for Lansley, that meant learning the bass guitar, and for Mercer, it meant expanding to a full drum kit.

Alongside these key developments, the album delivers the peak of Stealing Sheep’s career so far through a complete embracement of each member’s creativity and the group’s collective aesthetic. Big Wows dropped as an 11-song, 38-minute album under Heavenly Recordings on April 19, 2019.

The highlights of this album come from the tracks that fully showcase the band’s creative and unique branding. The songs “Why Haven’t I” and “Breathe” effectively display Stealing Sheep’s style, implementation of new sounds, and strong alignment with the alternative music genre.

“True Colors” and “Jokin’ Me” stand out as the most pop-influenced tracks on the project. Both songs are especially catchy with colorful instrumentation. “Jokin’ Me” has been the most popular song off the album, stacking over 40,000 views on its music video.

One of the most exciting parts about Stealing Sheep is their ability to connect multiple genres to create great music. “Show Love” is the beat bopping intro on the album with distinct keyboard and synth, showing their commitment to successfully making electronic music. One of my favorite tracks, “Back in Time,” conveys a stronger rock influence, starring an intriguing bassline and synth buildup.

Overall, Big Wows stands as the peak of Stealing Sheep’s career thus far, as it shows their development as a collective of exceptional? individuals. The group’s instrumentation and creativity come together perfectly to reinforce Stealing Sheep’s potential of becoming a big-name alternative band. Listen to this project and keep tabs on this band as they continue to produce music together in the future.


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