YNW Melly: Everything We Know So Far

The last month has proved to be yet another for the books of hip-hop. With Schoolboy Q and Wiz Khalifa releasing albums, many fans such as myself have had a lot to digest as of late. However, there is a more sinister issue at hand within the industry… YNW Melly’s legal battles.

The troubling case for the young rapper YNW Melly has made new developments in the Sunshine State, but first I’ll provide a bit of preface on the situation. Born Jamell Maurice Demons on May 1, 1999 in Gifford, Florida, YNW Melly is a young hip-hop artist facing two felony murder charges of the first degree in the state of Florida.

Best known for his single, “Murder on My Mind,” Melly was indicted in late February of this year for the murder of two of his best friends- Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. (also known as YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy, respectively). Occurring in the early morning hours of October 26th, 2018, both Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. were pronounced dead upon arriving at Memorial Miramar Hospital. Here’s where things begin to get a bit controversial for YNW Melly…

Legal Troubles

After turning himself into police in February 2019, the state of Florida began assessing options for his punishment realizing that his actions cannot go unnoticed. Though this is a grim look for the young artist, this is not the first time Melly has been behind bars.

In 2016, Melly served a one-year jail sentence for discharging his firearm near a school campus. In fact, it was during this incarceration when he wrote his hit “Murder on My Mind.” In June of 2018, he was arrested for marijuana and gun possession alongside YNW Bortlen. After turning himself in for the double murder, Melly was ordered to remain in jail without bond. After a month had passed, Melly pleads not guilty to the murder charges he was hit with… but Florida officials were not buying it.

Believing that the murders were conducted for the artists’ financial gain and carried out in a “premeditated, calculated manner,” Florida officials filed a notice of intent that they are seeking to give the young artist the death penalty for the double homicide, meaning he would have to serve life in prison until the time of his death date.

What Now?

While there are a lot of details presented to the public about YNW Melly’s legal battle, the case is still unfolding to the public. While this is an interesting situation given the artist’s age and his extensive legal history, he’s determined to not give up just yet. Melly has announced that he plans on releasing a mixtape from jail in the coming months, showing us that despite his circumstances he is going to continue doing what he loves.

  • Thomas Huncke


  1. Free Ynw Melly he should not go through this he is a young person who needs a life like us normal people give him his space right. I think he does not need to be in jail until hi death date that’s not fair let him be free. I love u Melly because I’m a Ynw Melly fan of yours.

  2. Ynw Melly is spiritual person and he makes good music and I listen to all his music that he makes and nobody van take that away from him leave him alone like really he never did anything to y’all and he don’t like nobody that’s trying to mess with him.

  3. Ynw Melly is a good person he did not kill his friends because they made Melly really mad and Melvin took over and shot Ynw sakchaser and Ynw juvie so let him go home he is innocent I am a fan of him and he’s really cute free Melly.


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