Fed Up with Ungrateful Fans

Lakers fans chant and call for changes to the team outside of Staples Center. Lakers fans staged a protest outside of the Staples Center on Friday to let Jeanie Buss know that they've had it in Los Angeles Friday, May 10, 2019. (Photo by David Crane, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)

I’ll keep this short because I could go on all night about this if I really wanted to. I just need to get something off of my chest: I hate Boston sports with a passion, a passion …… Before you call me a jealous loser, I’m going to stop you — I am a jealous loser. If you are fan of the Washington DC sports teams, you know that we are losers, despite the Capitals championship last year.

On Thursday night, the Boston Bruins defeated the Carolina Hurricanes 4-0 to conclude the sweep and punch their ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals. If they go on to win that, Boston teams will currently hold three out of the four major US sports championships.

Just think about that. In one year Boston fans may get to experience three times as many championships as I have seen as a DC sports fan in my 20 years on earth. And it isn’t like they just started winning this year. In my life the Red Sox have won four, Patriots have secured  six, the Celtics taken home one and so have the Bruins — who are dangerously close to capturing another.

While the Capitals Stanley Cup run last year was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. The win  has been surrounded by so much heartbreak. Whether it was the Caps constantly losing Game 7 to the Penguins or Dan Snyder doing everything in his power to ruin the once-great Redskins, being a DC sports has been an exhausting and demeaning experience.

Boston is a fantastic sports town with tons of history and people who have genuine love for their teams. Although their fans can be cocky assholes, if any city deserves this much success, it is Boston. I just hope that these fans truly appreciate how lucky they are. I know fans of the Los Angeles Lakers do not.

A few weeks back, there was a protest outside of the Staples Center for Lakers fans to express their frustration with the current state of the franchise. I understand that this year did not go as expected for a team that landed the best player in the world, but for christ’s sake … can’t you guys be grateful for what you have? The Lakers have won five championships in my lifetime. I will consider myself lucky if I see that many DC championships in my whole life. If you ask me, these fans can suck it up and be bad for a few years. I’ve lived most of my life with lousy teams, and trust me it’s not the end of the world.

I understand that I sound like a whiny brat in this article. Perhaps I am? All I know is that my life as a sports fan has been rough and it irks me to see fans who have won so much have so little appreciation for those wins. I know if those were my teams, I would savor every moment because as the times change so do teams, and dynasties can’t last forever. So if you are one of those fans who acts like the world is coming to an end because your favorite team had one bad season, sincerely: grow up!

-Jake Hornyak


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