Founded in 2011 as a massively successful media corporation, Wasabi Boiz were a well-kept secret within the startup real estate world; but that all changed in 2016 when the team released their long-awaited debut album, Quidditch Season.

The name, inspired by bandmate Sam (Damorealizer) Damore’s obsession with broomsticks, is well-representative of the abstract, wooden, and creative project that could be considered a main inspiration for 2017’s biggest musical act: Brockhampton.

The project’s best song is undoubtedly “Indagym.” Originally released in 1901 as a single when the group was touring Brussels, Belgium, the track features fiery bars about the group’s athletic pursuits. Tah-G drops some kinesiological knowledge with the classic “Ameer flow,” exhibited consistently by Bad Guy Ameer during the group’s legendary three-album run.

Be on the treadmill
Trying to get it right
Just kidding cardio kills all gains
You know your boy’s got them rapid arm gains

Tah-G, “Indagym”

After loads of hype were built up, Damorealizer enters the group chat and absolutely sets the track ablaze.

You know I’m on my bulk
Stop calling me a fatty
Eating twenty scoops of whey
And a ten pound Krabby Patty

Damorealizer, “Indagym
Damorealizer, while recording “Indagym”

“Saxman,” is another heated ordeal, featuring some saxophone-smooth interplay between Tah-G and Damorealizer. The two tap in and out of the track trading clever lines about whatever comes to mind including several interpolations of saxophone onomatopoeia. It’s a creative experience that might even induce some chortles.

One of the most exciting listens of the album is “Fine Liger.” This has got to be some of executive producer Ari Auris’ best work. Auris was clearly feeling the vibes on this track, as his production is atmospherically shart-inducing with a stirringly beautiful synth melody. Damorealizer spits a quartet about tax returns, and Tah-G is as exotic as ever with some otherworldly bars about being a liger. What a guy!

Unfortunately, while the famed eSports startup group might have some incredibly high moments, they find new lows on tracks like “Ziggurat.” The track opens with some uncharacteristically tone-deaf production from Auris. And when Tah-G says, “Tah-G took a shit on the beat,” he really means it. Swiss Beats comes in after Tah-G is done ranting about his rapping ability and spits some #tru lines:

Chauncey don’t rap
Chauncey do a fap
Chauncey take a crap
Welcome to my ziggurat

Swiss Beats, “Ziggurat”

I don’t know what the hell a “ziggurat” is, but I know for damn sure that I don’t want to find out. Whoever Swiss Beats is, he sounds like an unconcerned musician who’s only here to visit Colorado and buy a gram of dabs but not be able to finish them in the three days he’s here. Dude’s gotta step his game up if he wants to hang with the econ majors at Boston University, and I mean that regarding both on the track and in real life.

Wasabi Boiz are one of the most successful musical acts out of Scottsdale, Arizona since Obadiah Parker and Scott MacIntyre. Check both of those links and understand how great of a feat it is to make it out of the saturated indie/dream-pop/punk music market of Scottsdale. Here’s to hoping the Boiz don’t recede into the background once again.


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